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(Video) Stress Management Techniques for Healthcare Professionals

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Do you know of a healthcare professional (or you are one) who is trying to manage stress without losing sanity? Especially during these stressful times with COVID 19 pandemic? # Stress Management Techniques  To appreciate health care workers who are on the frontline of this pandemic, I did this special…

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depression go away

(Video) How to make depression go away and feel happy again

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Do you or someone you know, struggle with depression? Whether you have experienced depression or not, this program will help you. In this session of “Happy and Healthy Mind with Dr. Rozina” (episode # 8), you will learn different ways to prevent and treat depression so you can make depression…

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daily wellness

(Video) Power of Daily Wellness Habits; 5 Easy Practices that Can Change Your Life

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Do you ever get confused between many different daily wellness practices that different people propose? You cannot follow all of them. Are there a few powerful and proven practices that you can implement in your life for a happier, healthier, and longer life?  In this interview for “Happy and Healthy…

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Relieve Stress of Working from Home

How to Relieve Stress of Working from Home Without Losing Your Sanity

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Are you facing the stress of working from home during the Corona Virus Pandemic?  In this interview with the American Institute of Stress ( Stress.org), I shared many simple and practical tools that you can use to relieve the stress of working from home without losing your sanity.  Click here…

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(Video) How to Stay Productive Despite Working From Home

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In light of the #corona virus and the need for #socialdistancing, many people find themselves #workingfromhome.  How to stay productive despite working from home How do I structure this during #corona virus?  How do I manage children at home at the same time?  How do I connect with my co-workers? …

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Telehealth- VideoVisits; How to see your doctor without leaving home during COVID19

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Are you feeling overwhelmed with the COVID19 stay home order? You may already know the technology well, but don’t stop reading! I am sharing more information at the end of this email that might help you.  In case, you are someone who has not used the technology to see your…

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The Crossroad Technique that Eliminates Stress and Worry

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Do you ever find yourself worrying about something and it’s like your mind won’t give you a break no matter how much you try to distract yourself? Let me share an empowering technique to help you stop worrying and enjoy peace of mind again. I call it the crossroad technique…

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stress management tools

Stress Management Tool-Emotional Coping Account

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Imagine you’re cut off in traffic on a day when you’re feeling tense with stress.  Now imagine being cut off on a day where you’re calm and happy. How is your response different? You may notice that you respond more calmly when you are not stressed. Now the question is,…

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