(Video-Interview): How to Avoid Burnout As an Entrepreneur; Steps to Prevent Burnout, Do Less and Achieve More with Leah Remillet

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Do you find yourself feeling exhausted, unproductive, and unmotivated in your entrepreneurial journey? 

Entrepreneurship is a rewarding but challenging journey that requires a lot of hard work and dedication. However, the pressure to constantly hustle and grind can easily lead to burnout, leaving you feeling exhausted and unmotivated

Would you like to learn  practical tips to help you avoid burnout and stay energized while building a successful business?

In my recent Happy and Healthy Mind episode, our guest Leah Remillet  shared how she bounced back from burnout and now teaches others steps to prevent burnout, do less and achieve more

Leah Remillet is an international speaker and strategist who helps women do less to get more. She’s the host of the Balancing Busy podcast, a mom, wife and CEO. 

Check out this video to learn practical tools on how to maintain your mental and physical health while building a successful business.

In this interview, you will learn:

00:00 min – Introduction

02:26 min – How avoiding burnout became important to Leah 

07:06 min – Life changes at Leah’s life after experiencing burnout

10:40 min – Tools that changed Leah’s life after burnout

  • Get clear what your core values are
  • Get the mindset work right
  • Develop simple systems to get the right results

16:17 min – How Leah balance her life while using outsourcing 

20:59 min – What is batching

27:03 min – The traffic lights of life

30:57 min – Connect with Leah (https://leahremillet.com/)

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So let me share some of my favorite lines from this interview:

And and I often say that time management is really above everything, a mind management issue. It’s not as much, Oh, I don’t have enough time.  It’s the mindset that we have.” 

– Leah Remillet

What happens with burnout is we literally burn through our own fuel. There’s there is nothing left. We have to recharge.
– Leah Remillet

When we understand what our core values are and we start basing our life around that, it really is amazing how things fall into place.

– Leah Remillet

“I kind of use that analogy of traffic lights on road of life. Sometimes the light is green and life is flowing smoothly and sometimes it’s yellow. You need to slow down. You find some signs are coming, you need to slow down. And sometimes it is red. You have to stop. Not forever. Even when the traffic lights are not working and there’s traffic jam, it always starts moving. Sometimes it is longer, sometimes it’s shorter, but it always starts moving. So there is hope on the other side. It’s okay to find to get help when you need it.”

Dr. Rozina

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Dr. Rozina

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