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Helping Organizations Prevent  Burnout so they can Perform at their Highest Potential With Happy and Healthy Minds.

Dr. Rozina’s Mission

Often people suffer for a long time before they seek help. As a psychiatrist for more than two decades, I have witnessed the devastating consequences of mental illness: lost productivity, jobs, and even lives. Therefore, I am committed to ending unnecessary stresses, suffering, and suicide by providing resources and support.

The work stresses that people experience have been shown to increase heart attacks and other illnesses. I was made aware of it by one doctor friend of mine, who said that these stressed workers wouldn’t come to you early due to lack of awareness and acceptance. You need to go to them. Therefore, I have developed a process that can help organizations create a culture where employees would function in a happy and healthy environment and feel comfortable asking for mental support.

Dr. Rozina helps organizations prevent burnout and master stress resilience so they can perform at their full potential in a Happy and Healthy Workplace. 

Mental health challenges have always been an unacknowledged factor in employee performance. But they increased almost four times during the pandemic. 

The challenge today for organizations is to minimize these challenges’ impact. 

Dr. Rozina is one of the most sought-after experts in Thought Training who helps organizations support their employees’ mental wellbeing. Her practical tools for mental fitness help them see fast and long-lasting results in form of improved Performance, Productivity, and Positivity.

She is an award-winning medical doctor/psychiatrist with more than 20 years of experience. In addition to being the founder and Chief Medical Director of Shifa Health, she is a Clinical Professor at the University of Washington and a Fellow of the American Institute of Stress.

Author of the best-selling book ‘Stress to Joy,’ she is also a contributor to the American Institute of Stress’ publication, Contentment. 

By hosting her show, “Happy and Healthy Minds with Dr. Rozina”, she offers practical tips for mental fitness. So people can perform at their best without burnout, unnecessary suffering, and suicide.

The Mind CPR formula

She helps them transform their stress to joy using her proprietary Mind CPR formula. She reaches people where they are using her traffic light analogy. Using the concept that Life is like a journey through a winding road, filled with many traffic lights, she designed a system to help each individual achieve their best.

Red: STOP – Get help to get Back to your Best

Yellow: SLOW DOWN – Manage your Stress

Green: GO FORWARD – Optimize Wellness and Build Resilience

Most Requested Topics

Prevent Burnout with Mind CPR-How to Adapt to Change without Losing Your Brain 

For people at risk of burnout

Challenges and changes cause stress. Unmanaged stress not only adversely affects your health but also diminishes your performance. When you transform stress into joy, you can perform well and contribute to a happy and healthy workplace.

In this presentation, you will learn some practical tools you can apply immediately, adapt to change, and transform stress into joy by using the Mind CPR formula.

Learn How to:

  • Develop calming practices despite busy schedule
  • Shift harmful thoughts to helpful thoughts
  • Build a mental health friendly workplace with 4 As

Success without Stress; 7 Habits of Happy and Effective Leaders.

Many managers, employees, or pretty much anybody in society today kind of feel like stress is what makes for success. But the real question we should be asking is:

Is it possible to be happy, stress-free, and succeed at the same time? 


In this presentation, audiences learn the seven habits of happy and effective leaders while being stress-free.

Discover how to:

  • Practice Compassion with Balance to Reduce Stress
  • Bring Passion and Purpose into Your Work-Life
  • Foster Resilience and Happiness to Succeed

Dodging Depression and Building Positivity in Workplace

Most of us recognize that negativity reduces productivity, but on the flip side, positivity can improve productivity. But what do you do when stressful and challenging environments make it difficult to stay positive? You suddenly find yourself stressed, which can lead to depression. 

However, new research shows tools that can prevent depression and increase positivity in the workplace


  • 5 Wellness Interventions for a Healthy Life
  • Proven Strategies to Prevent depression
  • 5 Lines of Defense Against Depression
dr rozina

A Little Bit About Me


For more than 20 years, I have helped thousands of people improve their mental health as an MD-Psychiatrist and Clinical Professor at the University of Washington and specializing in Stress, Anxiety, and Depression.

As a # 1 best selling author, contributing editor to Contentment- a publication of the American Institute of Stress and a blogger, I empower my readers with simple and practical tools to transform their stressful thinking into joyful thinking to become resilience and happy.
In my keynotes, corporate programs and continuing education for health care professionals, my audience learn how to be mentally fit so they could focus and succeed in their work and enjoy the best of health and happiness.

My biggest joy comes from seeing a sparkle in the eyes of people when they start transforming their lives.

Past Events

Types of Presentation (Virtual or On Stage)

Dr. Rozina - Speaking
  1. Keynote Speaking
  2. Corporate Solutions
  3. Retreats/Workshops
  4. CME/CE Events for health and wellness professionals
  5. Break out sessions/Webinars
  6. Workshop/Seminars -Live
  7. Workshop/Seminars- recorded
  8. Coaching/ Consulting
  9. Mini- Retreats

For your event, my team and I want to provide two key things;

A great experience on stage ( in-person or virtual)– I’ve presented to a variety of audiences both in person and virtually. As a presenter, I will use stories, demonstrations, and exercises to not only make a point but to keep your audience engaged and listening. They will leave with practical, applicable next steps to take with them beyond that session.

A great experience off stage – I understand that as an event/ conference planner, there are a lot of details you have to manage and juggle. I will work with you and make the experience of dealing with the speaker easier and mingle with the audience to enhance the impact as well as increase the desirability of your future events.

dr rozina

5 Reasons to Choose Dr. Rozina

  • Transformation for Life and Business
  • Immediately Actionable Information for Best Performance
  • Practical Tools for Optimizing Mental Wellbeing
  • Co-created Presentation for Engagement
  • Proven Results from Real-Life Case Studies

Dr. Shaila IHPA Organizer

Jill Babiarz– Yoga Practitioner

Dr. Tatiana Sadak- UW Session Organizer

What do I Speak About & What is My Ideal Audience?


1. Stress Management Mindset Training – Overcome worries and Irritability
2. Transforming Depression, Anxiety and Stress: 5 lines of defense to prevent, recognize and bounceback and feel happy again.
3. Well Mind Well Team-Improve your team’s communication with mindset training for the whole brain

Dr. Rozina - Speaking

Popular Topics:

  1. Transform Stress to JoyWith stories and volunteer demonstrations, audience take away
    • 3 step formula to transform any stress
    • Mantra to get over any worries
    • Techniques to overcome irritability
  2. Transforming Depression, Anxiety and Stress: With stories and case studies, audience learn 5 lines of defence to prevent or minimize effects of depression.
  3. Laughter Yoga: Scientific basis of why laughter is the best medicine and  practical exercises, audience learn to laugh their way to health and happiness


Clients or employers say remarkable things about the impact Dr. Rozina’s work has on their life and work success.

Similar benefits await when you decide to invite me to serve in the powerful ways that I can support your organization’s success.


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