Why Invest in Employee Mental Wellness?

Stress costs

  • 3 billion dollars a year to US Corporations.
  • 60% of absenteeism
  • 19% turnover

How much is it costing your organization?

Happy and healthy employees perform better, are more productive and are more positive. With the mindset training, they develop their presence of mind, passion, and purpose. Their improved focus and solution-focused thinking mean increased profits for the organization.

Would you like to reduce your costs and increase your employees’ Productivity, Performance, and Positivity? I can help.

Why I Do It?

My name is Dr. Rozina. I am a medical doctor-psychiatrist, a speaker and a # 1 best selling author. Over the last 20 years, I have treated people with stress, anxiety, and depression. Since my friend Dr. Farid brought my attention to the fact that:

  • Heart attacks and other illnesses have increased in young professionals.
  • They spend millions of dollars in workup to find stress as the main cause in many cases.
  • They are not going to come to us. We need to go to them.

I made my mission to help corporations develop their biggest asset, their workers.

10 reasons to hire Dr. Rozina

Popular Programs

Well Mind Well Team Mini Retreat

A team-building program with a focus on the whole brain


  • Focus and stress resilience with mindset training- stimulating the left side of the brain
  • Creative problem solving and team harmony with collaborative art- stimulating the right side of the brain.


  • Improved Productivity, Performace and Positive Corporate Culture.

Transforming Management Stress to Joy

Mindset Training for Leaders

Learn how to:

  • Manage multiple demands and create work-life balance
  • Cope with difficult subordinates
  • Inspire your team

Transforming Work Stress To Joy

7 Ways to Dodge Work Stress; Improve Positivity, Productivity, and Performance.

Learn how to:

  • Transform challenges into opportunities
  • Reawaken Passion with purpose
  • Overcome overwhelm, irritability and worries and much more

WILD 5 Wellness

Wellness Interventions for Life Demands

Approved 30-day mental Wellness Program

Simple, Integrated, Prescriptive and Trackable. In this program, participants would learn proven techniques, how to easily incorporate 5 proven wellness tools into their busy lives for health and happiness

      • Exercise
      • Mindfulness
      • Sleep
      • Social Connectedness
      • Nutrition


Let’s Build a Happy Workplace to Work!


Stress Resilience


Focus and Performance


Absenteeism & turn-over

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