Why I Do It?

My name is Dr. Rozina. I am a medical doctor-Psychiatrist, a Speaker and a # 1 Best Selling Author. Over the last 20 years, I have treated people with stress, anxiety, and depression. Now I take the techniques that work in real life to people to prevent unnecessary suffering. Since my internist doctor friend brought my attention to the fact that:

  • an increasing number of young professionals are having physical problems like heart attacks, high blood pressure, headaches, sleep problems and many more.
  • They go thru a million dollar workup only to find at the end that the underlying cause is increasing, unmanaged stress.
  • They don’t feel comfortable talking about stress or seeking care due to fear of negative repercussions

I have been on a mission to take the training to corporations to help them develop their biggest asset, their workers. I and most successful corporations believe that happy and healthy employees perform better, are more productive and are more positive. With the mindset training, they develop their presence of mind, passion, and purpose. Their improved focus and solution-focused thinking mean increased profits for the organization.

“Each corporation has its own culture.  I customize the training based on each organization’s needs.”


Transforming Work Stress To Joy

An Employee Mindset Training for Positivity, Productivity, and Performance


* How to transform challenges into opportunities
* How to cope with difficult co-workers
* How to bring passion with purpose into their day to day work
* How to prioritize to get the most important work done
* How to overcome overwhelm, irritability and worries and much more.

Mindset Training For Managers, Executive and Owners

Transforming Management Stress to Joy;


  • How to manage multiple demands

  • How to cope with difficult subordinates

  • How to bring inspiration into their department

  • How to create work-life balance

  • How to overcome overwhelm, irritability and worries

  • …and much more.

WILD 5 Wellness

Wellness Interventions for Life Demands

Approved 30-day mental Wellness Program

Simple, Integrated, Prescriptive and Trackable. In this program, participants would learn proven techniques, how to easily incorporate 5 proven wellness tools into their busy lives for health and happiness

      • Exercise
      • Mindfulness
      • Sleep
      • Social Connectedness
      • Nutrition


“Engaging, warm, and knowledgeable, Dr. Rozina guides participants through stress reduction activities, helps them find the time to practice mindfulness, and explains the “how” behind the techniques in easy-to-understand terms.”

“Dr Rozina Lakhani is a great person and a motivator speaker, she motivates the audience in utilizing learning tools that really improves the quality of one’s emotional life!!”

Rozina Ali from Chicago

“Congratulations Dr. Rozina!!! Many lives will be touched and changed through your powerful message!!”

Bridgette Jeffries

“Thanks for sharing your knowledge, plz consider hosting webinars for follow up and updates.”

Yasmeen Merchant

Let’s Build a Happy Workplace to Work!


Stress Resilience


Focus and Performance


Absenteeism & turn-over

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