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Dr. Rozina Lakhani 

Integrative Psychiatrist, Corporate Speaker, Executive Coach

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On this site, you will find resources to help you achieve Optimum Health, Happiness and Harmony in your life. I will share with you some Simple and Practical tools that I have learned so you can also Train your Brain to Minimize your Stress, Maximize your Joy and Prevent Suffering unnecessarily.

Dr. Rozina | Author,  Speaker, and Psychiatrist

Are you a high achieving woman feeling on the brink of burnout? You feel that either you will have to quit your career or your body will quit?

Can you save both your body and your career? Yes, you can. I have been there. When my stress was making me exhausted and absentminded, I knew I was on the brink of burnout, but I delayed giving attention until I reached my rock bottom. I was afraid of losing either my body or my career and I didn’t want to lose all I had worked so hard for.

Now after applying my “Stop Burnout method” I am able to continue achieving more and making bigger impact without burnout. Would you like to learn 3 tips from my program for FREE? Click here:

I want to Stop Burnout
without Quitting

Stop Burnout Without Quitting

Hire Dr. Rozina for:

Corporate Speaking

Prevent Burnout for Your Teams

Executive Coaching

Reduce Burnout Without Quitting your Career or Health.

Personalized Care

Recover from Burnout by addressing the Root cause


Learn Mental Wellness Tips from Doctors, Authors, Thought leaders so you can reduce suffering, prevent illness, and achieve your highest potential

Download lots of Free Resources from the Video Podcast


Want to decrease stress, create a powerful mindset and increase your joy in just 21 days

Check out the Stress to Joy™ 21-day course, with a video each day, pdf worksheets and templates to help you take steps to peace of mind in just minutes a day.


“I don’t use the word ‘busy’. Instead, I say that my life is very colorful, and there is never a dull moment.”

“The word that comes to mind when I think of you is HOPE.” Feedback like this inspires me.

A few years back, I was crushing under the stress of leadership. I reached my rock bottom when my exhaustion from stress led to a car accident. I was at risk of losing everything.

Today, I still have all the demands and pressures, but I’m able to keep calm despite stress and I am performing at my peak. How did I do that? It started with simple techniques that I can’t wait to share with you all.

As an Executive Coach, Corporate Speaker, and Integrative Psychiatrist with over 25 years of experience, I have helped hundreds of leaders and high achievers stop burnout and have guided them in getting the right tools and action plans in place to bring the spark back to their work and become a happy, productive, and healthy leader in all aspects of life.

10 Reasons to Hire Dr. Rozina

1. Effective Speaker/Trainer/Consultant

2. #1 Best Selling Author

3. Top Psychiatrist Award in WA

4. 20 years of experience

5. Clinical Professor Univ. of WA

6. Medical Director -Shifa Health

7. MD- Psychiatrist-Board-certified

8. #1 Bestselling Author

9. Masters in Public Health

10. Fellow- American Institute of Stress


Regain your energy and focus, increase your productivity and decrease costly mistakes due to absentmindedness, and achieve more without burnout


“I don’t use the word ‘busy’. Instead, I say that my life is very colorful, and there is never a dull moment.”

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