(Video) Overcoming the Hustle Mentality and Living a Whole Life; Interview with Matthew Turner

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Do you tend to overwork and hustle so hard that you seem to have no time to do other things that spark joy in you?

The increase in this culture of prioritizing work above all else and doing everything you can to succeed has been noticeable. Though hard work is necessary, overworking to the point where you do not have even a second to yourself is not.

If you are interested in learning how to Overcome the Hustle Mentality and work smarter so you can also pursue your personal goals and live a well-balanced life, then this program might help you.

In this episode, our guest, Matthew Turner shared some practical tools for designing your life in a way that would allow you to work less and live more while earning more.

Matthew Turner is a British author who spent the last few years interviewing over 300 entrepreneurs, experts, and thought leaders about how they built successful businesses. His latest novel, Beyond the Pale, is a business fable about escaping the hustle and finding yourself.

Check out this video so you can be empowered to escape the hustle and start living a whole life.

In this interview, you will learn:

00:00 min – Introduction

02:26 min – Discovering the dangers of having a hustle mentality (The Making of Matthew’s book: Beyond The Pale)

06:02 min – The life-changing impact of working smart

Tips for Escaping the Hustle and Living a Whole Life

09:55 min Tip#1: Make a spreadsheet of all the tasks you need to do 

11:18 min Tip#2: Estimate the time needed to do each task

11:29 min Tip#3: Grade each task based on the level of energy, focus, and time  required to do the task

13:20 min: Benefits of doing a time audit

26:33 min – To connect with Matthew and download his gift, you may visit his website at: https://beyondbook.co/

27:43 min – Special of the day: Confident Decision Making Technique

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So let me share some of my favorite lines from this interview:

“​​I had to be more selective with the work I was doing. More selective with which 100% tasks were the most important. And it was this that allowed me to earn more than twice what I was earning and start working half as much. It was this which allowed me to get into a good routine, make a more effective morning routine. So I was filling my own cup – mind, body, and spirit. It was this that allowed me to spend more time with my family and be more focused and more present when doing so. And it was this that forced me to hone in on what I bring to the table. What is my best work, what someone is going to pay me for, and that I’m going to be a value? And it was also this that allowed me to hone in and figure out who my ideal client was, how many of these ideal clients I could work with. And it’s been an iterative process since then. It’s evolved, it’s constantly changing. It’s not set in stone.” – ​​Matthew Turner

“I was like doing these productivity tools and hacks in order to achieve something. What I wanted to achieve, I have no idea. But I think that is the problem with personal development. We can get caught in that rabbit hole and we hear something that we love the sound of and do it so we can achieve something but that defeats the purpose more often than not. So during this period, I just stopped trying to hack everything and understand everything. I just started doing these healthy things because they’re healthy. And I actually got a great deal, more benefit out of them because I was doing them for the right reasons.” – Matthew Turner

“Instead of telling yourself, ‘I always make bad decisions,’ you can start saying ‘Sometimes I make bad decisions but many times I also make good decisions.’ So that mind shift will allow you to feel a little more confident”. – Dr. Rozina

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