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Using Your Emotional Coping Account to Handle Life’s Problems

Imagine you’re cut off in traffic on a day when you’re feeling tense with stress. Now imagine being cut off on a day where you’re calm and happy. How is your response different? Now the question is, how do you stay relaxed despite all the demands and challenges in life? What can you do? One…

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When You Feel Like Giving Up

Do you ever feel like giving up when things are getting too hard? Most people do some time in their life. How do you get over those feelings? I had my own experience getting over that kind of feeling a few months back when I was ready to give up on publishing my book. My…

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[Podcast] Preventing Stress From Becoming Depression

“What if I could help my patients before their stress turned into major depression?” In a recent interview with Patricia Brooks, host of the Discovering Courage podcast, I shared how this question started the Stress to Joy Movement with the goal of preventing one million people from suffering unnecessarily. Click here to listen to the podcast interview. In this…

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“Am I Feeling Depressed?”

My friend Jasmine told me the other day, “I feel so stressed. I’m not sure if I have depression or not.” I shared with her a resource called the Depression Toolkit. The University of Michigan Comprehensive Depression Center developed it. Although it has depression in its name, it can also help people with other mood…

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[Podcast] Coping With Stress and Setting Boundaries

Do you ever find it hard to deal with a person who is screaming at you? Recently, I was a guest on a podcast called Heart Healthy Hustle. I shared tools to deal with confrontational situations including the Dog Face Technique. The host laughed a lot and said, “I have never heard that before, I…

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[Podcast] When Things Do Not Go According to Plan

Do you ever feel frustrated when things don’t go according to your plan? Most people do from time to time. In my podcast interview debut, you can learn: How I got frustrated at the airport when I was stuck in the big security line and missed my flight. How I had to use The Stress to…

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Are You Staring in the Rear-view Mirror?

Today, a woman shared with me that her husband is planning a fun Valentines day. Yet, she’s having a hard time getting excited about the fun they are going to have. All because she keeps thinking about his past bad behavior. She can’t bring herself to appreciate the kindness he’s showing today. Do you feel…

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how to grow new brain cells
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Can You Grow New Brain Cells?

Do you ever wonder if you could grow new brain cells to improve your memory, focus or thinking capacity? In the past, we used to believe that all brain cells are formed in childhood and there is no further growth.  We only lose brain cells as we age or develop disorders like Alzheimer’s dementia. We…

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5 Easy Fixes for Irritability and Tiredness

Do you ever struggle with low energy or irritability? There could be many reasons, but some are common and easy to fix. You may know but may be forgetting. Let me remind you by sharing how Pam, a 35 yr old woman, mother of two and working full time, is improving her low energy and…

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stress management
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Even Good Things Can Lead to…

The beginning of the year is also a time when people have gone through increased demands of activities, socializing and sometimes vacations. Many times they feel drained and exhausted afterwards. Why?  Because too many of even good things can be stressful for the body and mind. We call it positive stress. The stress due to too…

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