Opportunity in Adversity
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(Video) ​​Opportunity in Adversity; How to Stay Positive During Difficult Times

Do you ever feel hopeless after experiencing a series of negative life events? A string of negative life events can cause us to feel like we’ve lost control of our life. Sometimes, it seems like everything that can go wrong does go wrong. It’s not surprising to find yourself feeling hopeless and without direction or…

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Strategies for Improving Memory; The Power of Intentional Thinking with Dr. Hank Seitz

Are you having a hard time improving your memory and boosting your brainpower because you are in a disorganized state of mind? Oftentimes, our ability to remember things is directly correlated with the quality of our thoughts. When we are in a negative state of mind, our ability to focus decreases, therefore, affecting our memory.…

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Mental Well-Being
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(Video) Success Without Sacrificing Your Mental Well-Being with Eva Medilek

Do you ever feel burned out trying to succeed in life? Sometimes we sacrifice our mental well-being to achieve our goals.  If you are interested to learn some secrets of a successful life so you could actually live happily and healthily then this episode might help you. In this program, our guest, Eva Medilek shared…

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Reframing Automatic
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(Video) Reframing Automatic Negative Thoughts; The Invasive English Ivy Analogy

Do you tend to think negatively by default? There are times when thoughts suddenly pop into our heads without us even trying, and they are often very negative and pessimistic about ourselves, our life, our future, everything! These are called ANTS of Automatic Negative Thoughts. These thoughts can cause us to feel discomfort and distress,…

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Cultivating Unconditional
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(Video) Cultivating Unconditional Self-Worth and Confidence; Interview with Victoria Baylor

Do you ever struggle with self-confidence?  Many people do, especially women. It affects their mental health and their ability to perform and be successful in many areas of their lives.  If you are interested to learn some tips for building confidence by improving your self-worth and having a growth mindset, then this episode might help…

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(Video) How To Make Rational Decisions in the Face of Uncertainty

Do you feel anxious whenever you have to make a decision because you always tend to end up with the wrong choice? In a world where we are constantly faced with new decisions, the pressure of making the right choice can be overwhelming. In fact, research suggests that people who feel anxious whenever they have…

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Victim Mentality
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(Video) Overcoming Victim Mentality and Living a Victorious Life; Interview with Victoria Strelnikova

Do you feel powerless and stuck after experiencing trauma or a negative life event? Victim mentality is a destructive state of mind wherein a person feels helpless and hopeless. This type of thinking can lead to self-pity, frustration, anger, and even depression. The good news is that it can be changed. If you are interested…

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Why Affirmations Fail
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(Video) Why Affirmations Fail

Have you been practicing affirmations for some time, but are wondering why you don’t seem to be getting any results? Affirmations are a powerful tool that can boost your confidence and change the way you think. They help you take control of your life by changing your beliefs about yourself and your goals. However, even…

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Gender Challenges
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(Video) Overcoming Gender Challenges in the Workplace; Katie Chonacas’ Journey in the Entertainment Industry

Do you find it difficult to thrive in a work environment that pushes you to act in ways that are contrary to your personal goals, values, and morals as a woman? In today’s society, many people strive for fame and success at the expense of their own goals and values. However, they often fail to…

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Stigma of Depression
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(Video) Breaking the Stigma of Depression by Taking a Mental Health Day

Are you hesitant to take a mental health break because of the negative stigma associated with depression? You can easily feel guilty about not being physically sick and taking some time off if you don’t feel well. But mental health is as important as physical health, and must also be taken care of if you…

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