How to Be Mentally Strong and Fearless; Empower Yourself with Cognitive Tools for Self-Management with Dr. Karen Doll

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About our guest:
Dr. Karen Doll is a Licensed Psychologist, Consultant, and best selling author. In her  International Bestseller Book: Building Psychological Fitness, she explains How High Performers Achieve Success with Ease. She is also the newly appointed Chairwoman of the Harvard University Flourishing at Work network.

Dr. Doll’s Story
Dr. Doll has been a psychologist with over 25 years of experience, and throughout her career, she has been deeply passionate about promoting mental health awareness and addressing mental health concerns within the workplace. In recent years, she has witnessed a positive shift in workplace discussions surrounding mental health, allowing her to openly pursue her passion.

Her book, “Building Psychological Fitness,” which was published last year, was born out of the energy and insights gained during the challenging period of the COVID-19 pandemic. As she coached individuals during this time, she consistently heard about the struggles and isolation that people were facing in their work environments. What struck a chord with Dr. Doll was the pervasive feeling of isolation, as many individuals believed they were the only ones grappling with these challenges. It became apparent that people often assumed that everyone else had it all figured out, leaving them feeling like the odd one out.

Drawing from her daily interactions with individuals experiencing similar issues, Dr. Doll decided to embark on the project that ultimately led to her book. Her goal was not only to raise awareness about mental health but also to provide practical interventions and strategies rooted in scientific research. These approaches are designed to be accessible to anyone and empower individuals to take control of their mental well-being. Dr. Doll wanted to emphasize the idea that we all have the ability to influence our mental health and wanted to remind people that they are never alone in their struggles.

Dr. Doll’s work is a testament to her dedication to fostering mental health awareness and providing valuable resources to support individuals in their journey toward psychological well-being.

Tips to Be Mentally Strong and Fearless

✅Prioritize Wisely: Identify your top tasks and challenges

✅Focus Your Efforts: Concentrate on what’s important 

✅Control What You Can: Embrace your influence

✅Let Go of the Uncontrollable: Avoid what’s beyond your reach

If you apply these tools, you’ll have:

✨Increased Clarity

✨Improved Focus

✨Enhanced Confidence

✨Reduced Stress

✨Greater Resilience

If you want to learn the details on how to implement these tips watch the full episode below:

How to Be Mentally Strong and Fearless; Empower Yourself with Cognitive Tools for Self-Management with Dr. Karen Doll

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Being courageous is being vulnerable. It’s doing it despite the fear,
taking the action despite the fear, and having the courage to speak up and ask for help.
-Dr. Karen Doll

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