How to Beat Burnout Without Quitting Your Job;Navigating Burnout While Sustaining Your Career With Gifty Enright

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About our guest:

Gifty Enright serves as an accomplished author, TEDx speaker, coach, and a specialist in workplace wellness for women. Her speaking engagements span the globe, including appearances at multinational corporations, financial institutions, government entities, and esteemed educational institutions like Oxford University. Her book “Octopus on Treadmill” is a recurrent feature in newspapers and magazines. Her expertise is also in high demand for insightful commentary on television programs

Gifty’s Story

Fifteen years ago, Gifty found herself struggling with extreme tiredness and feeling unwell due to burnout. She took the step of carefully tracking 14 different symptoms each month, using a well-organized spreadsheet with color codes to measure any changes.

In search of guidance, Gifty consulted her doctor and shared her concerns, but her doctor’s responses seemed to downplay her issues. The doctor attributed her condition to the challenges of being a mother with young children and a full-time job. This led to a recurring explanation that her intense fatigue was a normal part of her situation.

Even though the UK offers free medical care, Gifty decided to opt for private medical assistance, which came with a cost. She made this choice because she wanted a detailed understanding of her condition rather than simply relying on lifelong medication. The other option, taking medication indefinitely, came with potential side effects. Faced with these choices, Gifty was determined to find her own solution and not be dependent on medication for her entire life, considering the disadvantages it carried.

As a result, she embarked on a journey to gather information tailored to women her age. She explored different cultures and approaches, and remarkably, she managed to reverse all the symptoms she had been experiencing. This positive transformation allowed her to return to a more regular and fulfilling life. This included the newfound ability to come home from work without overwhelming fatigue and the relief of not dealing with the persistent exhaustion that had been hindering her daily activities.

In this episode of Happy and Healthy Mind with Dr. Rozina, Gifty shared simple lifestyle changes that worked effectively in reversing the effects of burnout on her brain and body and allowed her to live a more fulfilling life.

Strategies for Overcoming Burnout While Sustaining Your Current Job

  • Revamp Your Lifestyle
  • Fuel with Nutrient-Rich Foods
  • Embrace Restorative Sleep
  • Engage in Regular Physical Activity
  • Release Toxic Emotions
  • Cultivate a Positive Mindset
  • Set Empowering Boundaries
  • Prioritize Self-Care Rituals

If you want to learn the details on how to implement these tips watch the full episode below:

How to Beat Burnout Without Quitting Your Job;Navigating Burnout While Sustaining Your Career With Gifty Enright
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“Learn how to prioritize yourself. Because once you start learning how to prioritize yourself, you have time for yourself. You have the headspace to start thinking about your wellness strategy.”
-Gifty Enright

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