Effects of Anger in the Workplace; Anger Management Techniques to Achieve Positive Results; Interview with Bronwyn Schweigerdt

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About our guest:

Bronwyn Schweigerdt is a psychotherapist.  Instead of fixing peoples’ messes, her goal is to elicit feelings people are most ashamed to have, such as hatred and rage. She knows that even though feelings are invisible, they don’t evaporate, but store away in our bodies until processed. According to Bronwyn, these feelings (and we all have them) haunt us and cause mental illness until we express them into words with someone who can hear and validate them. 

Bronwyn’s Story

Bronwyn’s journey towards a keen interest in anger management began with a significant life transition roughly 15 years ago. Her family’s relocation, which took them an hour and a half away from her established home, led her into a profound and challenging period of depression. During this trying time, she decided to seek professional help through therapy. Despite her struggles and limited functionality, she decided to look for the right therapist. Interestingly, she started feeling that, despite her own difficulties, she might have insights that could make her a more effective therapist.

Driven by this belief in her potential, Bronwyn made a bold decision in her 40s to return to school and pursue a second master’s degree in counseling, specializing in marriage and family therapy. Over the course of the next ten years, she encountered and navigated through three significant depressive episodes, each with a distinct trigger. With the benefit of hindsight, she now realized that these episodes were closely linked to her suppressed anger stemming from feelings of betrayal by individuals she had trusted to provide emotional support.

One pivotal experience occurred at the outset of her career as a therapist, when she served as an intern at a counseling center. Her supervisor, who also directed the center and was a therapist himself, held her trust. As a novice therapist, Bronwyn had never conducted professional counseling sessions. Despite her reservations and sense of unpreparedness for couples counseling, her supervisor assigned her to work with a married couple. Her initial reluctance and concerns were dismissed, which left her feeling betrayed and angry.

What compounded the situation was the absence of a support network that could validate her emotions and guide her. Feeling alone and unable to assert herself due to her novice status and the authority of her supervisor, Bronwyn suppressed her anger, eventually succumbing to severe depression. Regrettably, she was compelled to provide therapy to the couple despite her inadequacy, which only exacerbated her emotional turmoil. This challenging experience was a turning point that led her to explore the field of anger management and its profound impact on mental health and well-being.

Bronwyn’s Anger Management Techniques

Feel Your Anger

✅Communicate how you felt

✅Be directive and assertive but not aggressive

If you apply these tools, you’ll have:

✨Greater emotional control

✨Improved relationships

✨Positive Workplace Impact

If you want to learn the details on how to implement these tips watch the full episode below:

Effects of Anger in the Workplace; Anger Management Techniques to Achieve Positive Results; Interview with Bronwyn Schweigerdt

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Anger is necessary for us to survive. We need it as long as it’s contained in a healthy way. So by saying, “you know what, it’s okay to be angry, and what is my anger helping me to do right now? It’s telling me something’s really wrong.” It’s like a light on the dashboard of the car saying, Check the engine. Something is in need of repair.
-Bronwyn Schweigherdt

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