Turn Your Pain Into Power: How To Be Successful Despite Having Mental Health Issues

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About our guest:

Cheryl Johnson is a retired instructional designer and has recently transitioned into an educator’s role focused on teaching history. Throughout her life, she has personally confronted mental health challenges, as have some of her family members. Her deep-rooted passion lies in educating people about mental health issues, and she has selflessly volunteered her time to instill hope in others, demonstrating that success is achievable even in the face of adversity.

Cheryl’s Story
Cheryl started to develop mental health issues since she was a teenager. She came from a family of workaholics and became a workaholic herself. This increased her tendency to develop anxiety and other mental health issues.

At age 35, she was taking care of her four kids and caring for her disabled husband while also managing her own business working 10-14 hours a day, seven days a week. Thinking that she is in her prime and at the pinnacle of her success, she neglected herself going days without sleep and proper nutrition. But all of that came crashing down in an instant when she experienced a mental breakdown.

Cheryl ended up getting divorced and was greatly struggling with mental and physical issues for 2 years. She had gone from like superwoman to this woman who couldn’t do anything. And this is what drove her to seek professional help. She got several diagnoses which were inaccurate, but eventually, after a few years, she was able to get the medicines that worked for her.

After receiving holistic treatment by taking medications, improving her sleep pattern, eating the right food, taking care of her body through exercise, and practicing meditation, Cheryl felt the dramatic change in her mental and physical health. She became happier and healthier and eventually got remarried.

This positive change led her to volunteer for different mental health organizations to teach classes and help family members who had loved ones dealing with mental health issues. She also volunteers for people in addiction and recovery programs passionately sharing her own experience of achieving success despite her mental health struggles.

In this episode of Happy and Healthy Mind with Dr. Rozina, Cheryl shared tips on how to turn mental health challenges into opportunities for success.

Tips To Become Successful Despite Having Mental Health Issues

  1. Seek professional help
  2. Get enough sleep
  3. Eat healthy 
  4. Have proper exercise
  5. Do what you love
  6. Help others by sharing your success

    If you want to learn the details on how to implement these tips watch the full episode below:

Turn Your Pain Into Power: How To Be Successful Despite Having Mental Health Issues

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Your Mental Health Journey

“Taking my medication, sleeping and being much more conscious of what I was eating and exercising and a few other things allowed me to not only work and be productive at work, but I still had that creative edge. Additionally,  I think people need to find whatever it is that they love. They need to find something they really enjoy. Even though I was a workaholic, doing these things allowed me to continue that good, strong work ethic and do it in a healthy way.”
-Cheryl Johnson

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