Coping with Life Changes and Transitions; How to Navigate Change and Be a Better Leader with Manisha Dhawan

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About our guest:
Manisha Dhawan is an executive and career coach, consultant, facilitator, author, and speaker. In her book, The Digital Agile Leader, she shares stories and strategies on how to navigate change in the workplace and beyond. She started her career in her family business, Applied Membranes Inc, and she also spent several years at organizations including PwC, Deloitte, Slalom, and Taco Bell leading global digital and strategic change initiatives. 

Manisha’s Story
Manisha developed a profound passion for her work driven by a multitude of life experiences. Early memories of her father’s entrepreneurial journey, building a company from scratch in their garage, left an indelible mark. Witnessing the evolving business landscape and its impact on their family sparked her interest in financial stability and adaptability.

In their twenties, Manisha faced significant health challenges, including a chronic illness diagnosis. Navigating this chaotic period was a daunting task, marked by uncertainty and personal turmoil. Overcoming this adversity required immense effort, resilience, and determination.

The journey also featured numerous career changes, driven by both curiosity and a desire to break free from stagnation. She recognized the need to embrace change, an insight honed during her tenure in change management at Deloitte. One memorable encounter involved a client’s extreme reaction to change, symbolized by a shoe hurled across a meeting room. This incident prompted Manisha to delve deeper into the emotional aspects of change, providing vital support to individuals and organizations undergoing transformative shifts.

Her commitment to guiding others through change stems from personal growth and a genuine desire to facilitate smooth transitions during periods of massive changes. Manisha’s unique perspective, derived from her own life journey, enables her to be a valuable partner and source of support in the face of significant transformations.

Tools to Adapt with Life Changes

Take full inventory of your skills 

Know your strengths 

Have the right support system 

Process your emotions

Remember the things that you are grateful for

If you want to learn the details on how to implement these tips watch the full episode below:

Coping with Life Changes and Transitions; How to Navigate Change and Be a Better Leader with Manisha Dhawan

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When facing significant life changes, it’s important to validate and acknowledge yourself and ask “Is there something I can do to lean into this change?” At the same time, not forgetting that you need to take care of yourself in the process.
-Manisha Dhawan

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