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How to become a confident speaker, despite the fear of public speaking

“I get butterflies in my stomach if I am asked to speak.” My friend Karima told me one day.  “Me too.”  “How come. You appear to be so confident on the stage” she asked, “You give talks to big crowds and train so many people. How could you have a fear of public speaking?”   …

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work stress
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7 Ways to Dodge Job Stress

“My work stress is driving me nuts,”; My friend Connie said one day. Do you ever feel that way?  According to one survey, 80% of employees reported feeling stressed at work and 60% of absenteeism was associated with stress in some ways in that survey.  Although stress can come from many sources, work stress particularly…

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New Years Goals
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How to Feel Good About Your New Year Goals Without Feeling Like A Failure for Not Achieving Last Years Goals.

Do you ever struggle with your goal setting, especially for the new year?  Many people do. Many people do, sometimes, they get the feeling of failure for not achieving some of their goals. Some people feel so bad that they stop making goals. Others try to use negative energy to push them to work harder.…

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How a Gratitude Practice Helps when Dealing with a Loss

Last week, my friend Shawn asked me, “I still struggle with journaling my gratitude. How can I practice gratitude in dealing with a loss in a way that’s not cheesy?”  What do you think?  CHEEZY OR AUTHENTIC Is it cheezy or authentic to do a gratitude journal? Here is what I think.   Shawn elaborated; “How…

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A Unique Team Building Activity That Stimulates Both Sides of the Brain

Have you noticed that disharmony in teams leads to a negative work environment? Doesn’t it affect both an individual’s and a team’s performance and productivity? On the other hand, when teams work together in harmony, it brings synergy to their work. It brings positivity and improves their performance and productivity.  So what can teams do…

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Making Thanksgiving Meaningful with Gratitude

Do you ever wonder about making Thanksgiving meaningful? Let’s see what John and his friends discovered; (excerpt from my upcoming book, “I Don’t Have Depression.”)   “On Saturday evening, we all met to plan for Making Thanksgiving Meaningful. When I reached Starbucks, Laila, Raj, and Maria were already there. They already had their coffee so…

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Alcohol and Depression

Raj was feeling sad during the discussion with his friends about how depression led to Tom’s suicide attempt. He suggested for alcohol and depression; “Let’s have a drink. It will calm us all down” “Are you sure?” said Martin. “Did you know that alcohol is a depressogenic drug? In other words, it causes depression.” Raj…

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Do you have low energy levels
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IDHD – Food and Mood

Have you ever noticed that you feel cranky when you don’t get proper food at proper times? Do you ever wonder how food affects your mood and your mind’s ability to function?  Read on to learn what Jim discovered and how changing his food affected his mood. This is what Jim had to say about…

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Negative stress into positive effect
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[Podcast] How to change a negative experience into positive action

Do you ever wonder how to change a negative experience into positive? I’m excited to share my appearance on The Nobody Guide to Life podcast, E68, where you may find an answer to this question and many more like: How a simple practice helped me change my negative experience into a positive outcome. To develop reserves…

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Why Is It Hard to Remain Stress Free?

The other day when my friend and I were meeting over coffee, the topic came up. “Why is it so hard to remain stress free state?”  She asked, “When I use some relaxation technique, I do feel relief. But it doesn’t last. I feel stressed again within a short time. Why?”  Do you ever feel…

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