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How to Overcome Fear

The other day, my friend Mary Ann shared her difficulty with the fear of driving, since an accident. She was not sure what to do, even when her family tells her just to overcome it. I shared some thoughts with her that helped her a lot. Let me share them with you in case you…

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The Crossroad Technique that Eliminates Stress and Worry

Do you ever find yourself worrying about something and it’s like your mind won’t give you a break no matter how much you try to distract yourself? Let me share an empowering technique to help you stop worrying and enjoy peace of mind again. I call it the crossroad technique and it is from the…

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Camel Faced Technique
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How to let go of past insults with Camel Face Technique

The other day, my friend Rene and I met for lunch. As we were catching up, she shared her frustration due to a coworker’s demeaning comments. One time he even called her “stupid”. She knows that she is smart, but she was having a hard time letting go. Those words kept repeating in her head.…

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When you don’t feel motivated to do anything

One of my patients, Tasha, struggles with episodic depression. When she visited me during her last episode, she reported; “I feel so overwhelmed and paralyzed, I don’t feel like getting out of bed or doing anything.” The exercise I took her through helped her identify what she could do at that time to uplift herself…

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How to say no to alcohol with ease

Sheldon is a twenty-year-old third-year college student who is interning at a corporation. She attends a company party. She wants to mix in with everyone and make a good impression as she’s hoping to get a job with this company. At this party, she notices most people having a glass of alcohol while socializing. Alcohol…

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How much will you save if you stop smoking?

Do you or someone you care about smokes?  Today, one of my patients, Maya, who is having back pain, shared her difficulty with smoking. So I thought of sharing with you some aha’s and resources that helped her. It may help you (or someone you care about) save your money and your life. Maya reported…

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Finding time to Enjoy

Do you feel like your life is so busy, there is no time to enjoy?  Many people feel like that, including me. Recently a drug rep, Sean, shared with me how he found time after applying some of the techniques from my book. He used one exercise in a way that I had not thought about,…

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When you feel stuck in a web of your own creation

Have you watched Eddie Murphy’s movie “Coming to America”? I loved that movie. I watched it soon after I came to America, some 25 years ago. The scene that particularly influenced me was towards the end when the king, realizes and changes his thinking that was causing heartache and stress as It affected his family and…

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Fringe Benefits of a Gratitude Practice

Last time I shared what I learned from the gratitude list of a 4-year-old. After that, I received this response from the mother of that 4 yr old. I thought hmm…“This is a fringe benefit of a gratitude practice. It’s a practice that keeps giving.” She gave me permission to share in the hope that…

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What I learned from a 4 yr’s old gratitude list

My colleague Kaja ( who helps me bring these emails to you) has a 4 yr old son. Sometimes she shares things that he says innocently. I find wisdom in them and that brings a smile on my face. Let me share some that may bring a smile on your face too. She writes in…

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