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When you feel stuck in a web of your own creation

Have you watched Eddie Murphy’s movie “Coming to America”? I loved that movie. I watched it soon after I came to America, some 25 years ago. The scene that particularly influenced me was towards the end when the king, realizes and changes his thinking that was causing heartache and stress as It affected his family and…

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Fringe Benefits of a Gratitude Practice

Last time I shared what I learned from the gratitude list of a 4-year-old. After that, I received this response from the mother of that 4 yr old. I thought hmm…“This is a fringe benefit of a gratitude practice. It’s a practice that keeps giving.” She gave me permission to share in the hope that…

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What I learned from a 4 yr’s old gratitude list

My colleague Kaja ( who helps me bring these emails to you) has a 4 yr old son. Sometimes she shares things that he says innocently. I find wisdom in them and that brings a smile on my face. Let me share some that may bring a smile on your face too. She writes in…

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When You Feel Angry… How do you react?

When the milk boils, it spills over and messes up the stove.  (I hate to clean the furnace when milk spills over, and it is so hard to remove the stains from frequent spills). When water boils, it rises above. It changes into steam.  Water changes form. It becomes pure. Even when it spills, it…

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Things that we take for Granted

One of my patients recently informed that she stopped her gratitude practice. She told me that she got bored. She couldn’t think about things to be grateful for. Let me share with you a basic comfort of life that I brought up and she had a moment of realization. She said; “I never realized that…

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depression and anxiety
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What to Do When Someone You Know Is in Crisis – Depression & Anxiety

Many people feel scared and don’t know what to do when someone talks about suicide. I want these stories to help those people. Ethan Call, a college student, was worried when he noticed that his friend—who normally attended church every Sunday didn’t show up to teach Sunday School that day. He knew that she had…

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What Is Your Purpose? Why Are You Doing It?

Every day may not be perfect but every day has a purpose. Have you ever asked yourself before doing anything as to why you are doing it? Pick any one of your leisure activities or family time or anything else that you’re doing and ask what is the goal of doing it? What happens when…

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Mother's day
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The Best Way To Make Your Mother’s Day Special

The Best Way to Make Your Mother Happy I ask most of my patients; “Tell me three things you are grateful for.” Recently a patient answered; “I am grateful that my mom is still with us.” The interpreter in the room and I realized what a blessing it is to have our mothers in our…

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set the stage to achieve goals
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Struggling to Achieve your Dreams? Then Watch This Video

“I wish I could achieve my dreams, but I cannot, because…”. Do you ever find yourself saying this? You feel that you can’t achieve your dreams due to the limitations you have. Most people do, at least sometimes, including me. I recently watched this funny Ted talk and felt so inspired, I wanted to share…

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stress management tools
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Stress Management Tool-Emotional Coping Account

Imagine you’re cut off in traffic on a day when you’re feeling tense with stress.  Now imagine being cut off on a day where you’re calm and happy. How is your response different? You may notice that you respond more calmly when you are not stressed. Now the question is, how do you stay relaxed…

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