Stress Resilience
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Bouncing Back; From Stress To Joy – Learning Resilience Through Changing Times

Bouncing Back; From Stress To Joy –  Learning Resilience Through Changing Times  Have you been feeling a lot more anxious, worried, and stressed than usual with COVID Pandemic? If so, you are not alone.  A recent study found that nearly 8 in 10 adults (78%) say the coronavirus pandemic is a significant source of stress…

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hidden depression
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Perfectly Hidden Depression; Interview with Dr. Margaret Rutherford

Are you hiding your depression behind a smile? People who are experiencing depression carry with them a lot of deep feelings such as the fear of being judged, fear of burdening others, guilt, embarrassment, and the concern of appearing to be weak. Though it is often easier to mask our depression behind a smile than…

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gratitude challenge
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How To Manifest Anything With Gratitude; Advanced Gratitude Technique

Are you having trouble manifesting something you’re believing for? The Law of Attraction suggests that in order to manifest something, you have to believe that you already have it. Affirmation is saying something in the present tense to train your mind that your goals are realistic and achievable. And visualization is seeing them in your…

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Lasting Habits
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How to Create Lasting Habits; Habit Mastery with Vikki

Do you struggle with overcoming unhealthy habits and sticking to good habits that would bring more happiness into your life? People often feel like they have the best intentions to be consistent but constantly go back to old habits that don’t serve them. And they often feel tired of being too busy or procrastinating because…

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Thank you Message to Our Readers

How’s your Thursday going so far? It’s another Thankful Thursday in our HHM (Happy and Healthy Mind) Community!  And as we celebrate our anniversary week, I want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for your unending support. Here’s a short message of gratitude to show my appreciation to you for being part of…

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An AIS Publication
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Harnessing Hope-Bouncing Back-Contentment; An AIS Publication- Spring 2021 Issue

Can you believe that it’s been a year since the lockdown started? Seems like it was just yesterday! What a year it has been! Tough, challenging, and lesson-filled. And for us in the Happy Healthy Mind community, this is also a special week because it’s our anniversary week! I am looking forward to celebrating with …

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5 days to go until HHM’s first anniversary!

Have you found any benefit from Happy and Healthy Mind programs over the last year? Only 5 days to go until Happy and Healthy Mind’s Anniversary celebration!  Come and celebrate with us by tuning in to our live anniversary program on Saturday, March 13th, 11 am PT on the following platforms: Facebook: https://bit.ly/DrlFbL YouTube: http://bit.ly/hhm50ytl…

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Comfort Zone
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(Video-Interview): Stepping out of Your Comfort Zone and Living Boldly; Interview with Patricia Brooks

Ever feel so afraid that you miss out on pursuing a life that you really want? Many times, people feel comfortable staying on the sidelines of life. They go to college, get several jobs, and work on those jobs until they retire just to realize later on that they really haven’t taken time to pursue…

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Gratitude Technique
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How To Rewire Your Brain for Positivity and Happiness; A Gratitude Technique for Optimism

Have you ever had difficulty staying optimistic when a lot of negative things are happening around you?   One of my patients was recently diagnosed with a terminal illness and was told that she has only five years to live. She was so frustrated, upset, and angry. When I asked her if she could shift…

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Rediscovering Yourself
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Rediscovering Yourself; Is It Too Late to Go Back to School. Interview with Gill Hasson

Are you a parent trying to find your purpose after your children grow up?  Many parents, especially women, take time from their careers when their kids are young. As the children grow older and don’t need as much of their time, they wonder if it is too late to go back to school. They have…

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