Depression and Diabetes Relationship
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(Video) Depression and Diabetes Relationship; How to Prevent the Double-edged Sword

Recently I had a patient who struggles with both depression and diabetes. She asked me if she can do things to avoid both from worsening. Especially if she can do something to help her children avoid both depression and diabetes. If you are like my patient, then you would learn a lot in this interview.…

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resilience to change
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(Video) Resilience to Change in the Workplace; Tips to Prepare for Success

Change is challenging and leads to stress for many. Do you ever have a hard time adapting to changes in the workplace or life in general? Would you like to learn some tips to adapt to change and prepare for success no matter what change you face? If so, this program may help you.  In…

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(Video) Strategies to Improve Self-Esteem; A Journey Into You with Dr. Cotton

Recently a woman told me that she passed an opportunity for success, as she did not feel self-confident. self-esteem Do you know someone who is not able to achieve his or her potential due to low self-esteem? Many people do. They live their lives in the shadows. They don’t achieve what they are capable of…

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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
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(Video) TMS for Depression; How Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation can Help

Do you know someone suffering from depression, and who has not responded to traditional treatments like psychotherapy and medications? They start feeling hopeless. There is hope. Many new treatments are available now, including TMS (Transcranial Magnetic stimulation). TMS is a non-medication option for treatment-resistant depression. It uses MRI technology to stimulate the brain to improve…

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Depressed Or Just Sad
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(Video) Am I Depressed Or Just Sad Quiz; A Self Assessment Tool-PHQ 9

Do you know someone (or maybe you) asking the question, “Am I depressed or just sad?”   As sad mood is a normal emotion and is used interchangeably with depressed mood, it sometimes creates confusion between depression and sadness.   Although you need a professional to make a proper diagnosis of a Depressive Disorder (or clinical depression),…

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Prioritize When Everything is Important;
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(Video) How to Prioritize When Everything is Important; Using Agile Method

Do you struggle with multiple demands in life?  Most people do, but working women, especially women in leadership, specifically struggle with this issue.  How to balance work and home life and prioritize when everything is necessary?  When there are too many to-do’s you can’t focus properly, and your productivity goes down.  What to do?  In…

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Tips for Living with Depression
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(Video) 10 Tips for Living with Depression; Justin’s Story of Surviving to Thriving

Do you know of someone living with Depression and Anxiety and feel they cannot thrive? One-fifth of people in the U.S. struggle with Depression. Hopelessness is one of the symptoms of Depression. When you are going thru Depression and Anxiety, you feel that you can’t make in life.   But, Justin is living proof that not…

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HHM #23 Dis-Satisfied Despite Success, Michelle’s Story of Finding Purpose in Life

Do you know someone who feels dissatisfied in life despite being successful? If so, Michelle’s story is going to inspire you. In an interview for ‘Happy and Healthy Mind with Dr. Rozina.’ my guest Michele DSouza shared how she used to feel dissatisfied despite achieving success in her life. And how she found satisfaction once…

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Journey of Losing Weight
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(Video) Overcome Overeating; Juliet’s Journey of Losing Weight When Nothing Was Working

Do you ever struggle with stress overeating?Journey of Losing Weight Isn’t it hard to overcome overeating when the stress level is high?  How can you stop emotional overeating even when you are overeating healthy food?  Many people have a hard time stopping overeating at night or when bored, what can they do? In this interview…

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Signs of Mental Health Crisis
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Signs of Mental Health Crisis; Crucial Information Every Parent Should Know-Mental Health First Aid

Have you ever had to deal with someone in a mental health crisis?   Mental health issues are widespread (20-25% of people go through mental health issues). It can happen to anyone at any time.  It could be very frightening to notice signs of a mental health crisis in someone you care about, especially if it…

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