Overcome Mild Depression
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(Video-Interview): How to Overcome Mild Depression on Your Own; Derek’s Story

Recently a woman asked me if she can overcome depression on her own. She knows that severe depression needs treatment but she is wondering if she can manage and overcome mild depression without seeking professional help. Are you currently battling mild depression and are seeking answers on how you can overcome it? Then this video…

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Immunity Naturally
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(Video-Interview) Improve Your Immunity Naturally; Donna’s ‘Nourish Our Kids’ Program

Recently, a woman asked me how she can improve her children’s immunity. A strong immune system is always essential for everybody, but it has taken a special role during the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that people with lower immunity have a higher chance of developing illnesses. So what can you do to protect yourself and…

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Muscle Relaxation for Sleep
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(Video) Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Sleep; A Step-by-step Guide

Do you struggle with falling asleep, especially when stressed, anxious, or in pain?  A lot of my patients do, and this exercise called Progressive Muscle Relaxation is one of the proven techniques that my patients and I find helpful in dealing with sleep issues.  This deep relaxation technique has been used to effectively control stress…

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(Podcast) Finding Serenity and Gratitude Through A Crisis

Have you ever faced a great challenge in life and felt like you’ve come to a dead-end? If you are facing a crisis or going through a tough time right now, then this interview will inspire you and help you find the silver lining in your situation. When I experienced an unexpected challenge in my…

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practice mindfulness
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(Video) How to Start Practicing Mindfulness; Track and Make a Habit

I recently talked to a woman who was experiencing a higher level of stress than usual due to changes in her life. She had heard about mindfulness but was not able to start practicing mindfulness as she felt she needed extra time- which she did not have. Do you also struggle in finding time to…

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parents of depressed
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(Video) Building Resilience in Youth and Young Adults; What Parents Can Do

Recently a parent asked me how she can help her children build resilience.  Her children are 10, 15, and 20 yrs old. One of them also struggles with mild depression.  Nowadays everyone is feeling more stressed due to social isolation necessary for pandemic control. But our youth and young adults are especially affected because friends…

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from Adversity to Success
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(Video) Persevere Through Challenges; Andrea’s Story; from Adversity to Success

Have you ever felt like giving up in face of challenges?  If you ever felt that you can’t succeed after an adversity in life, then Andrea’s story will inspire you.  Andrea Markstrom went from early adversity to massive success in life. Currently, she is serving as Chief Information and Technology Officer at Taft Law.  She…

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ECT Therapy for Depression
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(Video) ECT Therapy for Depression; Barbaric or Life-Saving

Recently I had a patient with severe depression and suicidal thoughts. We had tried all sorts of treatment, including medications and TMS. I believed that ECT could help him. But one of his family members was against it as she had heard misinformation in the media. She would not come to the office for me…

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Depression and Diabetes Relationship
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(Video) Depression and Diabetes Relationship; How to Prevent the Double-edged Sword

Recently I had a patient who struggles with both depression and diabetes. She asked me if she can do things to avoid both from worsening. Especially if she can do something to help her children avoid both depression and diabetes. If you are like my patient, then you would learn a lot in this interview.…

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resilience to change
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(Video) Resilience to Change in the Workplace; Tips to Prepare for Success

Change is challenging and leads to stress for many. Do you ever have a hard time adapting to changes in the workplace or life in general? Would you like to learn some tips to adapt to change and prepare for success no matter what change you face? If so, this program may help you.  In…

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