Post-traumatic Growth, How to Improve Mental Health After Trauma and Adverse Life Experiences. ; Interview with Dr. Z

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Do you know someone you know has suffered a major trauma and led their lives into further difficulties?

When people have a traumatic experience, they may continue to feel that the event is still present in their lives. The person may feel pain or fear, sadness and anger. However, these events bring a person into a development of being stronger in life. 

Would you like to learn what this post-traumatic growth is and how to get more positive effects after difficult circumstances?

In this program, our guest, Dr. Z explains how life’s difficulties can bring positivity in your well-being. 

Dr. Z is a mom, wife, daughter, mentor, well-being advocate, writer and triple board certified academic physician. She is an award winning physician wellness advocate. She helps health professionals prevent burnout. She is triple board certified in internal medicine, geriatric and obesity medicine and author of an upcoming book on wellness.

Check out this video so you can discover how to be resilient even if you have experienced trauma.

In this interview, you will learn:

00:00 min – Introduction

02:33 min – The reason behind learning about well-being 

04:24 min – Life changes with Dr. Z after using her tools 

06:33 min – How life is different before applying the tools 

08:49 min – How post traumatic growth became important to Dr. Z  

13:53 min – How to go through post traumatic growth

  • Self awareness
  • Ask for help 

20:44 min – Tools to achieve post traumatic growth

27:15 min – Connect with Dr. Z 

28:08 min – FREE resource from Dr. Z 

(Three mistakes health professionals make that cost them their well-being)         

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So let me share some of my favorite lines from this interview:

Sometimes we are in a position where we have to decide to be vulnerable and understand that that is not a weakness, that is a strength, because you have to have a lot of strength, emotional strength to be able to say, I am afraid in front of others or I fail on this in front of others so that I need help. So I believe that we need to remove the bias. Yeah. Asking for help doesn’t mean you are weak or that you fail means that you are smart enough to know that you are not in a good place.” – Dr. Z

“When I had my car accident, it was a really traumatic experience for me. I saw so much emotional and physical, even physical, emotional growth after that because I developed the level of empathy that I, you know, I couldn’t have experienced before and understanding and compassion and kindness and all those things. So those are part of the post-traumatic growth.”
– Dr. Rozina

“If you go down and you have the capacity to. Understand what is going on. Have introspection, self compassion and self empathy. And you open your heart and your mind right to others and to yourself so you can learn from that traumatic event. You will not only bounce back to your baseline, but this time you will even go farther. And that’s what is called post-traumatic growth, where you come back, but you come back stronger. It’s a better version of yourself.”

– Dr. Z

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Remember, being aware of your own shortcomings and asking for help will allow you to stand up in the face of life’s challenges. 

So today, think about how you want your life to turn out.  Every experience can change you to be a better person or worse. What will you choose? 

Dedicated to your health and happiness, 

Dr. Rozina

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