Why I Dedicated STJ Guided Gratitude Journal to You?

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If you are reading this post, that means you are supporting me in my mission to spread gratefulness, hope, health, and happiness.

Therefore, I want to say;


You may not be aware of many ways you are contributing to this mission, therefore, let me share some here.

  1. For instance, when you choose to read my work and especially when you share your feedback and success stories, it not only helps you but also helps me feel motivated to write more.
  2. Then, every time you choose to apply the tools I share, in your life, it not only helps you train your brain to be more resilient, happy and healthy but also help my goal of helping more than a million people.
  3. Next, when you choose to develop your gratitude practice, mindfulness, and forward-thinking, it not only improves your functioning, focus, and feelings but also impacts people around you. Because you become calmer and mindful, you are more kind and present with them.
  4. And as the saying goes, the biggest present is being present (mindful). By impacting the people you care about with your full presence, you help me further my goal by touching more people.
  5. Similarly, when you are functioning at your best, you do further good in your fields of work, benefiting your clients and spreading the impact.
  6. In addition, as you choose to share the tools with your colleagues, friends, and family, it helps even more people.
  7. Furthermore, when you write reviews on Amazon or other social media, you inspire others to take steps to improve their mental health and expand the impact.
  8. Moreover, you may not know this, but a portion of all the proceeds from your purchases goes to charitable foundations like the Aga Khan Foundation. Thus, you are helping to improve the quality of life for many people in the world, causing a further ripple effect. 

In essence, you are helping me in many ways without being fully aware.

As my gratitude journal helped me greatly in my life, and it has helped many of my patients, I feel very passionate about sharing this powerful tool with  you. I started writing after losing my right/dominant hand ( for a short time), you don’t have to lose things before you realize their importance. This practice is going to help you enjoy things when you have them.

If you can learn some of the tools that have helped me and my patients over my 20+ years of practice as a psychiatrist, you will enjoy the best in life.  At the same time, you will help me further my purpose in life.

In short, it is my patients, the stress to joy program participants, and readers like you, who inspire me, motivate me and keep me going.

By reading my work, implementing the changes in your life and spreading the goodness to people around, you participate in this mission to promote health and happiness. Therefore I dedicated “Stress to Joy; Guided Gratitude Journal” to you.

PS: If you would like your copy of Stress to Joy Guided gratitude journal to help you start, resume or take your gratitude practice to the next level, you can get it at https://www.stresstojoy.com/gratitudejournal.

Click Here to learn more about what is inside this journal.

Let me know what you found most useful and if you have any questions.
Dedicated to your health and happiness,

Dr. Rozina

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