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How To Manifest Anything With Gratitude; Advanced Gratitude Technique

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Are you having trouble manifesting something you’re believing for? The Law of Attraction suggests that in order to manifest something, you have to believe that you already have it. Affirmation is saying something in the present tense to train your mind that your goals are realistic and achievable. And visualization…

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Overcoming Adverse Childhood Experiences

(Video-Interview): Overcoming Adverse Childhood Experiences: Glenn R. Schiraldi, Ph.D

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What can you do if you are suffering from the hidden wounds from toxic childhood stress? People who experience adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) often ask, “Am I stuck with this suffering? Is there anything that can help me feel normal? What can I do to heal? How do I find…

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Grateful Achievements

Boost Your Gratitude and Self Esteem With This Powerful Technique; Grateful Achievement

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Do you ever feel that you are not good enough to be successful? Some people have trouble envisioning success when they are going through a difficult time. For instance, one person asked me “How can I be confident and affirm that I have the best job possible when I am…

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Balanced Lifestyle

(Video-Interview): Maintaining a Balanced Lifestyle; From Workaholic to Balanced Life; Rebecca’s Story

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Do you struggle with maintaining a balanced lifestyle? Setting healthy boundaries between your career and personal life is crucial for a happy and productive life. If you would like to know the steps toward making this change, then this video will surely help you. In this episode of Happy and…

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(Podcast) Finding Serenity and Gratitude Through A Crisis

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Have you ever faced a great challenge in life and felt like you’ve come to a dead-end? If you are facing a crisis or going through a tough time right now, then this interview will inspire you and help you find the silver lining in your situation. When I experienced…

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How a Gratitude Practice Helps when Dealing with a Loss

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Last week, my friend Shawn asked me, “I still struggle with journaling my gratitude. How can I practice gratitude in dealing with a loss in a way that’s not cheesy?”  What do you think?  CHEEZY OR AUTHENTIC Is it cheezy or authentic to do a gratitude journal? Here is what…

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A Unique Team Building Activity That Stimulates Both Sides of the Brain

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Have you noticed that disharmony in teams leads to a negative work environment? Doesn’t it affect both an individual’s and a team’s performance and productivity? On the other hand, when teams work together in harmony, it brings synergy to their work. It brings positivity and improves their performance and productivity. …

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Making Thanksgiving Meaningful with Gratitude

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Do you ever wonder about making Thanksgiving meaningful? Let’s see what John and his friends discovered; (excerpt from my upcoming book, “I Don’t Have Depression.”)   “On Saturday evening, we all met to plan for Making Thanksgiving Meaningful. When I reached Starbucks, Laila, Raj, and Maria were already there. They…

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Negative stress into positive effect

[Podcast] How to change a negative experience into positive action

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Do you ever wonder how to change a negative experience into positive? I’m excited to share my appearance on The Nobody Guide to Life podcast, E68, where you may find an answer to this question and many more like: How a simple practice helped me change my negative experience into a…

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How can you reduce materialism? – Encouraging Gratitude in Kids

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Nowadays kids are getting influenced so much by the social pressures of getting this toy or that. I just read this article about how encouraging gratitude in kids can reduce materialism. I thought you might like it, therefore, I am sharing. Check it out here What do you think?  Share…

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