Dangers of Sugar Consumption

The Dangers of Sugar Consumption on Brain; How To SugarProof Your Kids’ Diet – Dr. Mike Goran and Dr. Emily Ventura HHM#42

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We all know that excessive sugar intake can cause harm to the body but are you aware of the dangers of sugar consumption on our brains and bodies, especially in children? The damage can begin early in life, resulting in fatty liver disease, prediabetes, obesity, and an elevated risk for…

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Goal Achievement Strategies

(Video-Interview): 3 Goal Achievement Strategies; Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail and How to Make Them Successful – HHM#40

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Do you often find yourself looking at a long list of unaccomplished goals at the end of each year? One of my friends told me that she has stopped making New Year’s resolutions because she’s heard that 80 percent of the resolutions fail, according to research. What a waste of…

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Exercise and Mood Regulation

(Video-Interview): Exercise and Mood Regulation; How Tim Discovered the Benefits of Physical Activity on Mental Health

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Are you suffering from stress, loss of energy, and negative mood? Do you want to know how exercise can help improve your mental health?  Research suggests that physical activity increases our self-esteem, mental alertness, and energy. It also puts us in a positive mood, therefore reducing stress and anxiety, especially…

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(Book) Take Control – Thrive and Survive COVID-19 by Dr. David Hanscom

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This global pandemic has caused adverse effects on people’s health not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally, and socially. Are you one of those people who are seeking preventive measures in order to protect yourself and your family from the deadly COVID-19 virus? It all starts with learning how to…

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Overcome Adversity

(Video-Interview): How to Overcome Adversity in Life; Salima’s Story of Taming Fear

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Ever felt stuck due to fear after an adversity? How can you overcome adversity in life and tame the fear of uncertainty that keeps you from being your best? In this episode of Happy and Healthy Mind with Dr. Rozina, our guest Salima Jadavji shared the strategies that helped her…

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Muscle Relaxation for Sleep

(Video) Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Sleep; A Step-by-step Guide

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Do you struggle with falling asleep, especially when stressed, anxious, or in pain?  A lot of my patients do, and this exercise called Progressive Muscle Relaxation is one of the proven techniques that my patients and I find helpful in dealing with sleep issues.  This deep relaxation technique has been…

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parents of depressed

(Video) Building Resilience in Youth and Young Adults; What Parents Can Do

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Recently a parent asked me how she can help her children build resilience.  Her children are 10, 15, and 20 yrs old. One of them also struggles with mild depression.  Nowadays everyone is feeling more stressed due to social isolation necessary for pandemic control. But our youth and young adults…

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from Adversity to Success

(Video) Persevere Through Challenges; Andrea’s Story; from Adversity to Success

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Have you ever felt like giving up in face of challenges?  If you ever felt that you can’t succeed after an adversity in life, then Andrea’s story will inspire you.  Andrea Markstrom went from early adversity to massive success in life. Currently, she is serving as Chief Information and Technology…

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Depressed Or Just Sad

(Video) Am I Depressed Or Just Sad Quiz; A Self Assessment Tool-PHQ 9

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Do you know someone (or maybe you) asking the question, “Am I depressed or just sad?”   As sad mood is a normal emotion and is used interchangeably with depressed mood, it sometimes creates confusion between depression and sadness.   Although you need a professional to make a proper diagnosis of a…

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HHM #23 Dis-Satisfied Despite Success, Michelle’s Story of Finding Purpose in Life

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Do you know someone who feels dissatisfied in life despite being successful? If so, Michelle’s story is going to inspire you. In an interview for ‘Happy and Healthy Mind with Dr. Rozina.’ my guest Michele DSouza shared how she used to feel dissatisfied despite achieving success in her life. And…

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