(Video) Persevere Through Challenges; Andrea’s Story; from Adversity to Success

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Have you ever felt like giving up in face of challenges? 

If you ever felt that you can’t succeed after an adversity in life, then Andrea’s story will inspire you. 

Andrea Markstrom went from early adversity to massive success in life. Currently, she is serving as Chief Information and Technology Officer at Taft Law. 

She has more than 25 years track record of success leading large corporations and law firms and received the 2019 CIO of the Year Award from the CIO Inspire Leadership Organization. 

She is a mother of three children and also founded i.WILL (Inspiring Women Igniting Leadership & Learning). It is a women network with over 400 members and chapters across the USA.

What helped her go from adversity to success? 

Would you like to learn strategies that helped her? Those strategies might help you to get past adversities and climb your way to success. Check out this inspiring interview:

In this interview, you will learn:

0:00 min – Introduction

2:09 min – Ways to persevere through life’s challenges and going from adversity to success

2:36 min Andrea’s journey of going through challenges in life

3:15 min –  Traumatic event at age 18 yrs

5: 15 min –  Success with perseverance 

6:30 min- Tips to achieve success

  1. Workshop Your Dreams
  2. Create your roadmap
  3. Enrich your relationships

7:30 min – How to visualize your goals

8:19 min – The importance of “career angels” and “career advisers”

9:00 min – How to become CEO of your life

11:47 min – What is workshop your dream?

16:05 min – How to workshop your dreams

  • Be intentional
  • Map out and write down 
  • Ask for help
  • How are you going to get there
  • Know what you need to learn and what level of effort you have to put in to get to that point

16:42 min – How do you figure out what you want?

19:30 min – How to mold 75% of your life according to your desire?

21:30 min – How Andrea started “i.WILL” – a platform where women in leadership roles come together to network, inspire, learn from each other, and invest in advancing women in the workplace.

24:24 min – How to join i.WILL? Visit  https://www.i-will.net/ or contact Andrea on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andreamarkstrom/

26:00 min – Summary of Andrea’s learning in her journey to success.

27:50 min – Special of the day: Mindfulness Practice Mistake- Rearview mirror analogy
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Let me know which of Andrea’s strategies you liked. Are there other strategies that have helped carve your way to success? I would love to hear from you

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Remember, you can always get better. Take a step today. 

Dedicated to your health and happiness, 

Dr. Rozina

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