Mental Health Facts

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Do you automatically disregard any mention of “mental health,” thinking “Why do I care? I don’t have a mental illness.” You may or may not have a mental illness, but you do have a mind. Right? The mind is that powerful software system that runs the hardware of your brain…

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Aga Khan Foundation’s Contribution in Society

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Do you know a charitable organization that you are grateful for making a difference in your life? The charitable organization I am most grateful for is the Aga Khan Foundation. (AKF) It funds many international non-government organizations in 30 countries through Aga Khan Development Network and Aga Khan Universities. Many…

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First Graders List of Gratitude

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When I ask adults what they are grateful, sometimes they struggle. To help them, I usually give examples of simple things that we take for granted. Once a man said, “but they have been there all my life.”  He didn’t see the reason to count them under the list of…

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Joy Of Giving

Joy Of Giving – How to Add Meaning To Your Life?

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Are you looking for activities that can add meaning to your life? Recently a patient shared how helpless he feels when he can’t do anything for people suffering from hunger. I shared with him an experience of my joy of giving that most people can easily do with a little…

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I am grateful

Easiest Way To Contentment-Grateful For Simple Things Like Having An Address

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“I am grateful for having an address.”  Answered a patient when I asked what she was grateful for that day. It is my habit to ask that question while I am writing their prescriptions at the end of their session. I looked at her inquisitively. She told me that as…

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suicide prevention

CPR to Prevent Suicide

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With celebrity suicides, there is a lot in the news about it, and it usually leads to an increase in suicide rates in the community. Many people feel sad and helpless when they hear about this kind of news. Do you? How do you cope? In this article series, I…

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how to stay positive

How to Stay Positive During Difficult Times

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How to Stay Positive and in the “Present” When the Present is Not Pleasant Do you ever find it easier to stay positive and enjoy the present moment if it is pleasant, but not as easy when it is not? When things are not going according to your desires? Let…

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suicide prevention

How to Cope with a Suicide in the Community?

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Has your heart ever ached when you heard about somebody committing suicide? How do you cope with such a loss, especially when it is a youth in the community? The chances of getting affected by such news are increasing as there are approximately 123 suicides per day in the US.…

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how to overcome stress

How to Overcome Stress

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Do you feel like your life is a series of unfortunate events? Do you feel like running away? Would you like some tips on how to overcome stress? If you find yourself leaning towards answering Yes, you are not alone. Many people feel that way. Let’s explore three misconceptions related…

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calm down and reflect

# 1 Effective Tool to Calm Down and Reflect

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Excerpt from the book “Stress to Joy”- Chapter 3: …You have calmed down your mind and body with mindfulness, meditation, and other relaxation exercises. Now what? Your problems have not completely resolved. First of all, the problems that were caused by a tense body and overwhelmed mind are starting to…

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