Fringe Benefits of a Gratitude Practice

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Last time I shared what I learned from the gratitude list of a 4-year-old. After that, I received this response from the mother of that 4 yr old. I thought hmm…“This is a fringe benefit of a gratitude practice. It’s a practice that keeps giving.” She gave me permission to share in the hope that it inspires you to start your own gratitude practice too.

“One Other Thing Happened

…. And I was amazed at how it changed so much.”

A little introduction: My name is Kaja and I work for Dr. Rozina at Shifa Health. I also help her with things like sending emails and posting her blogs at www.drrozina.com. I love that I am a small part of the great mission she has to help over one million people. But when this journey started, I didn’t consider that I would become one of those million people she has helped.

The book, Stress to Joy, has helped me in many ways. But something great has happened for my family and it came in the form of the Stress to Joy Guided Gratitude Journal.

As a thankful gesture for all of my hard work, Dr. Rozina bought me a copy of the Stress to Joy Guided Gratitude Journal.

I was so excited that it came, I started checking it out right away. My young son was still up and, as usual, he wanted to be involved in what I was doing.

He got bored and started talking about Dr. Rozina’s picture on the back. Asked who she was, and why her picture was there? I told him it was because she wrote this book. Then, he asked WHY she wrote the book and I told him that she wrote it so that everyone can write down all the things that make them happy and remember those things to make them happy all the time. (because how DO you explain Gratitude to a young child?)

This conversation was when he entitled Dr. Rozina as “The Boss of All Smiles.”

I know that Dr. Rozina has shared in other articles (https://drrozina.com/blog/gratitude-list/) the wonderful things he is grateful for, and I am so happy and grateful that his ponderings can inspire many other people’s gratitude practice. But what it means to me is a deeper relationship with my son.

Every night, we talk about the things we are grateful for and I write down his list in my journal with my own. Even during the day, at random times, he tells me what makes him smile and it usually starts a conversation between us. This really helped me know the types of things that are important to him and it gives me a good avenue to teach him some of my values.

Plus, he is practicing Gratitude at such a young age. If we can keep doing this he will have a great start on all the proven benefits of a Gratitude Practice.

Another interesting thing that happened….

My Mom heard me reading the intro to my son and it must have piqued her interest because a few days later her Gratitude Journal came in the mail.

Usually, we do our “journaling time” together. I don’t share all that I write with her and she also doesn’t share all of hers with me. But we do share some, and of course, she hears the things Ian, my son, is grateful for and that always makes her happy.

It literally feels like we sit there and fill the room with positive energy. I look over and see her content smile while she writes or doodles and I can feel it in my heart. Sometimes I catch her glancing at me and I see that smile, a mother gives her child when she is happy all the way to her soul. We both sit in amazement of my young son’s thoughtful mind and how his smile lights up the whole room while he thinks of the things he is grateful for.

Do I still feel work stress? Or, the stress that comes with being a parent?

Yes, But it is less. I am grateful that Dr. Rozina provided this wonderful tool. “


I am grateful to Kaja for this wonderful share. I hope that you are practicing your gratitude too and bringing many smiles in your life. Please let me know how some of the tools that I share have helped you. It inspires me to keep going and bringing more valuable tools to help you live your best life.

Dedicated to your health and happiness,

Dr. Rozina

#1 Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Psychiatrist

PS: If you would like your copy of Stress to Joy Guided gratitude journal to help you start, resume or take your gratitude practice to the next level, you can get it at drrozina.com or Amazon.

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