How to let go of past insults with Camel Face Technique

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The other day, my friend Rene and I met for lunch. As we were catching up, she shared her frustration due to a coworker’s demeaning comments. One time he even called her “stupid”.

She knows that she is smart, but she was having a hard time letting go. Those words kept repeating in her head. It was affecting her work performance. Their team communication suffered due to her discomfort. Many days she didn’t even feel like going to work, leading to absenteeism.  

I shared a technique to release the hold of those words that made her laugh a lot. It made so much sense to her that she told me, “I am going to put a camel picture on the side of my notice board at work. It will remind me of my choice to let go.” 

Let me share that technique with you here that I call;

Camel Face Technique.

You can also use this technique when you want to let go of past hurtful words. You can decrease the pain by stopping your mind from repeating the insult. 

This technique works very well with the occasional harsh or hurtful comments. Please use caution. If you have experienced severe abuse, this technique may not be appropriate. If you have developed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, you may need a therapist’s help. 

I learned this technique many years ago from a reading course by Ed Strachar.

I have modified it and used it to help many of my patients. Recently, a patient who came in crying left laughing. She said it was the funniest technique she has ever tried. 

Would you like to try? This technique may or may not apply to you, but it will make more sense if you follow along. I will use Rene’s example when her coworker called her “stupid.” 

For this exercise, replace the word “stupid” with whatever that made you feel insulted or hurt.

Recall the image of that person who said something demeaning to you. In your imagination, place a funny animal face, like a camel, on the body of that person. 

See, in your mind’s eye, those humiliating words coming from the camel’s mouth, while drooling at the same time.

You can use your creativity and make the image even funnier. Put funny sunglasses or a polka dot dress on the camel.

Can you take these statements seriously?

Let’s take it a little further. Imagine the camel saying it very fast as if you are fast-forwarding a video. Then, imagine the camel saying it very slowly in a funny voice while walking backward. 

Now make the camel run backward while saying those words. See the camel becoming smaller and smaller until it disappears.

Do those statements hold the same power over you as before?

Most of the time, you will find that it will make you laugh and those words will stop bothering you as much. They won’t have the same powerful hold on you as before.

The next time anyone starts insulting you, you can do this technique right at the moment, too.

Bring the image of the camel to your mind. Imagine it on top of the body of the person who is insulting you. You will notice that you won’t feel as offended.

The other person may feel offended if you start laughing, so be discreet. But there is no reason to take those words seriously.

It is their garbage. If someone puts garbage in your space, do you keep it and suffer from the smell or throw it away? 

Why would you allow the trash coming from someone’s mouth into your heart? Point to ponder. 

Let me know how it works for you.

Dedicated to your health and happiness.

Dr. Rozina

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