(Podcast) Finding Serenity and Gratitude Through A Crisis

150 150 Dr Rozina Lakhani

Have you ever faced a great challenge in life and felt like you’ve come to a dead-end? If you are facing a crisis or going through a tough time right now, then this interview will inspire you and help you find the silver lining in your situation. When I experienced…

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Podcast Interview 2: Mind Training Tools for Stress to Joy

720 720 Kelly

Do you ever find it hard to deal with a person who is screaming at you? Recently, I was a guest on a podcast called Heart Healthy Hustle. I shared tools to deal with confrontational situations including the Dog Face Technique. The host laughed a lot and said, “I have…

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[Podcast] How to Reduce Work Stress Despite Challenges.

150 150 Dr Rozina Lakhani

Do you ever feel less productive, irritable, emotionally exhausted or like you are losing satisfaction in your job? If so, you may find some of the answers you need to reduce work stress in this 30 min interview. It aired on Wednesday, March 4th at 5 pm PST on Back…

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How to improve pain

[Podcast] How to Improve Pain, Anger, and Anxiety by Using Stress to Joy System.

3782 2532 Kelly

How to Improve Pain, Anger, and Anxiety by Using Stress to Joy System. Do you ever feel more pain when you are angry, anxious or stressed? Do you wonder why? You may find some of your answers in this 30 min interview.  It aired on Wednesday, Feb. 26 at 5…

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Negative stress into positive effect

[Podcast] How to change a negative experience into positive action

600 315 rozina

Do you ever wonder how to change a negative experience into positive? I’m excited to share my appearance on The Nobody Guide to Life podcast, E68, where you may find an answer to this question and many more like: How a simple practice helped me change my negative experience into a…

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Unveiling The Book Cover

1500 1150 Kelly

How do you choose a book?  Do you ever judge a book by it’s cover?  We all do. When I was sharing my thoughts about the book cover concept, a friend commented, “I did not realize how much thinking goes behind a book cover.” So I thought I would share…

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