Podcast Interview 2: Mind Training Tools for Stress to Joy

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Do you ever find it hard to deal with a person who is screaming at you?

Recently, I was a guest on a podcast called Heart Healthy Hustle. I shared tools to deal with confrontational situations including the Dog Face Technique.

The host laughed a lot and said, “I have never heard that before, I am going to use it.”

Let me share this podcast interview I gave for Heart Healthy Hustle podcast, where you can learn:

  • How to cope with the stress of losing a loved one
  • How to use mindful driving to cope with driving stress
  • How to set boundaries with people
  • What message I would give to my younger self
  • Many more tools to cope with day to day life situations

Click here to listen to the podcast.

Or you can download on iTunes.

I am grateful to Jonathan Fredrick for being such a gracious host.

Let me share a behind the scenes secret because you are part of my online community.

I was extremely nervous in this interview due to many reasons.

To start with, the platform of recording didn’t work initially, even though I had tested a week before. Jonathan was so adaptable that after trying to help me for some time, he shifted to a platform that I was used to.

With the natural flow of discussion, he asked many practical questions which I was not prepared for, yet he made it easier for me to overcome stage fright (or here you can call Microphone fright) by talking to me as you would when you meet an old friend.

He got me to share so many valuable tools that I am sure will help many listeners. I hope they will help you too.

Jonathan brings a lot of value to his listeners, and I recommend you subscribe to his Heart Healthy Hustle podcast for more tools for health and wellness.

Let me know which of the tools you found helpful in this podcast. As always, please share any feedback, suggestions or questions so I could improve and provide more valuable tools to you.  


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