[Podcast] How to Improve Pain, Anger, and Anxiety by Using Stress to Joy System.

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How to Improve Pain, Anger, and Anxiety by Using Stress to Joy System.

Do you ever feel more pain when you are angry, anxious or stressed? Do you wonder why? You may find some of your answers in this 30 min interview. 

It aired on Wednesday, Feb. 26 at 5 pm PST on Back in Control radio. You can listen to it at  https://buff.ly/2Vt2hYT


Learn simple techniques as Dr. David Hanscom ( Spine surgeon) and I ( Dr. Rozina-Psychiatrist) discuss the role of anxiety & anger in chronic pain. You will discover some of the most powerful concepts that help many of our patients and ourselves. Find the answers to questions like:


  • Why some stressors are harder to manage?
  • Why you don’t feel good even when you do enjoyable things unless you stop drainage?
  • What can you do to prevent the stressful influence of negative media bombardment?
  • What simple steps you can take to transform the stress from the cause of suffering to opportunity for growth?
  • How to develop emotional reserve and resilience to handle unexpected stress?

Listen today at https://buff.ly/2Vt2hYT and other podcast platforms. 

If you listen till the end, you can also get the link for the free gift. 

Enjoy, learn and let me know what was your most favorite take away by listening to this interview. 

Dedicated to your health & happiness, 

Dr. Rozina


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