Mental Health

New Approaches For Mental Health and Wellness; Dr. Rozina’s Interview with Mental Health Experts

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Are you struggling with depression, stress, and anxiety?  Would you like to know how to take your life back and live your best life? I recently had the privilege to interview for the Mental Health Experts Community, where I shared some new and powerful mental health and wellness approaches. During…

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Avoiding Compassion Fatigue

(Video-Interview): How To Cultivate Compassion While Avoiding Compassion Fatigue; Habits of Happy and Effective People – HHM#41

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Are you a leader, a mentor, a friend, or a parent who has this natural desire to take care of others? Do you find yourself struggling with how to cultivate compassion without getting compassion fatigue? Many people, especially leaders, focus on becoming effective but, in the process, start feeling overwhelmed,…

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Happy and Healthy Mind

Podcast Now Available: Happy and Healthy Mind with Dr. Rozina

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Are you busy with your everyday tasks and are finding it hard to squeeze in some time to watch videos or read articles for your personal growth and holistic health? Would you like to learn practical ways on how to deal with stress, anxiety, depression, and live a happy and…

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Balanced Lifestyle

(Video-Interview): Maintaining a Balanced Lifestyle; From Workaholic to Balanced Life; Rebecca’s Story

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Do you struggle with maintaining a balanced lifestyle? Setting healthy boundaries between your career and personal life is crucial for a happy and productive life. If you would like to know the steps toward making this change, then this video will surely help you. In this episode of Happy and…

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Anxiety and Pain Perception

(Video-Interview): Anxiety and Pain Perception; An Interview with Dr. David Hanscom- A Spine Surgeon

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Are you struggling with anxiety and chronic pain? Anxiety and pain go hand-in-hand. Pain is our body’s way of telling us that something is wrong. Anxiety, on the other hand, is a symptom that compels us to take action so we can survive. In this time of uncertainty, people are…

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Overcome Mild Depression

(Video-Interview): How to Overcome Mild Depression on Your Own; Derek’s Story

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Recently a woman asked me if she can overcome depression on her own. She knows that severe depression needs treatment but she is wondering if she can manage and overcome mild depression without seeking professional help. Are you currently battling mild depression and are seeking answers on how you can…

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practice mindfulness

(Video) How to Start Practicing Mindfulness; Track and Make a Habit

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I recently talked to a woman who was experiencing a higher level of stress than usual due to changes in her life. She had heard about mindfulness but was not able to start practicing mindfulness as she felt she needed extra time- which she did not have. Do you also…

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parents of depressed

(Video) Building Resilience in Youth and Young Adults; What Parents Can Do

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Recently a parent asked me how she can help her children build resilience.  Her children are 10, 15, and 20 yrs old. One of them also struggles with mild depression.  Nowadays everyone is feeling more stressed due to social isolation necessary for pandemic control. But our youth and young adults…

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from Adversity to Success

(Video) Persevere Through Challenges; Andrea’s Story; from Adversity to Success

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Have you ever felt like giving up in face of challenges?  If you ever felt that you can’t succeed after an adversity in life, then Andrea’s story will inspire you.  Andrea Markstrom went from early adversity to massive success in life. Currently, she is serving as Chief Information and Technology…

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ECT Therapy for Depression

(Video) ECT Therapy for Depression; Barbaric or Life-Saving

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Recently I had a patient with severe depression and suicidal thoughts. We had tried all sorts of treatment, including medications and TMS. I believed that ECT could help him. But one of his family members was against it as she had heard misinformation in the media. She would not come…

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