(Video) Overcoming Gender Challenges in the Workplace; Katie Chonacas’ Journey in the Entertainment Industry

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Do you find it difficult to thrive in a work environment that pushes you to act in ways that are contrary to your personal goals, values, and morals as a woman?

In today’s society, many people strive for fame and success at the expense of their own goals and values. However, they often fail to realize that the key to achieving greatness is in their own hands and that investing in themselves is one of the keys to success.

If you are interested in learning how to empower yourself with confidence and practice self-compassion so that you can thrive in a challenging career, then this program might help you.

In this episode, our guest, Katie Chonacas will share some practical tools for career success as an empowered woman. 

Katie is an international actor, author, environmental activist, and women empowerment coach. A Modern Day Renaissance Woman, indeed. She is everything but imaginative; she is an artist who uses her profession and the arts to spread hope and love. She empowers others to improve their lives and reach their full potential.

Check out this video so you can be inspired to take actionable steps to accomplish your career goals without sacrificing your morals and values.

In this interview, you will learn:

00:00 min – Introduction

1:53 min – Katie discusses how her family background and life experiences influenced her goals

7:56 min – The challenges of being in a male-dominated industry

Tips for Career Success As An Empowered Woman

06:04 min Tip#1: Surround yourself with people aligned with your goals, values, and morals

12:23 min Tip#2: Set clear boundaries when it comes to your professional life

15:59 min Tip#3: Invest in yourself financially

19:24 min – To connect with Katie and download her gift, you may visit her website at: https://www.chonacas.com/ and https://www.aloversfairytale.com

20:53 min – Katie’s take-home message
23:35 min – Katie’s book recommendations
24:30 min – Special of the day: Reverse Breathing Technique

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So let me share some of my favorite lines from this interview:

“I always thought I was going to have these angel investors support my vision in my career. But it’s my life journey and it’s my path to get there. And although I wanted someone to invest in me, I also realized that t I wasn’t actually financially investing in myself, I wasn’t doing it for myself in the way that I wanted. And when I started doing that in small increments, everything started building from within the core and becoming so solid that all my passions and pleasures and things that I wanted to happen got on their own train tracks and took a life of their own. And now they’re out there healthy with their own branches in the world, and I’m able to nurture them.” – ​​Katie Chonacas

“Whatever you’re doing, no matter what it is, when you’re like, “I’m going to give it my one hundred percent,” check-in at 80 percent. Your new one hundred is your new 80. And when you get to 80, well check in with yourself at 80 and stop there and check how much fuel is in the tank. I’m going to go a little more and then stop five percent after maybe at eighty-five. If you have it in you and leave that extra 15 to 20 percent for the unknown, for meditation, for a bath, for silence, to talk with your mom or a friend or a partner to cry like or to journal, write, or whatever you want to do instead of going to one hundred percent to show up for everyone else. Go let them think you’re one hundred is your eighty eighty-five. So you keep that self-reflection in space and time to develop more compassion and more peace and sanctuary for yourself first.” – Katie Chonacas

“When people are saying that people are mistreating them, it mostly comes from an internal dialogue. if you want people to treat you with respect, you need to respect yourself. You need to watch out and not call yourself stupid and dumb and stuff like that. When you see yourself puts yourself down, change your mental dialogue to seeing the positive things about yourself, and then you can see that other people would also reflect that positive image of you.” – Dr. Rozina

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Remember, life continues to present a lot of challenges, and you are given an opportunity every day to decide how you want your life to turn out.

You can either feel frustrated and get upset or accept where you are and identify what you can do to go where you want to go. The choice is yours.

So like what they say, “When life gives you lemons, go make a lemonade.”

Dedicated to your health and happiness, 

Dr. Rozina

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