[Podcast] How to change a negative experience into positive action

Negative stress into positive effect

[Podcast] How to change a negative experience into positive action

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Do you ever wonder how a negative experience can lead to positive results?

I’m excited to share my appearance on The Nobody Guide to Life podcast, E68, where you may find an answer to this question and many more like:

  • How a simple practice helped me change my negative experience into a positive outcome.
  • How to develop reserves in your emotional coping account to handle unexpected stress.
  • How you can use simple mantras to let go of your worries. And many more!

You can find the episode on iTunes here:


but it is also on Spotify, iHeart Radio, Stitcher, thenobodyguidetolife.com and a bunch of other places.

I hope you enjoy it!

Let me know what was your most favorite take away by listening to this interview. 

Dedicated to your health & happiness, 

Dr. Rozina


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