(Video) Women in Leadership; Empower Your Self – Coré Cotton’s Story of Going From Strength to Power

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Do you know of a woman in a corporate leadership role who feels invisible, stressed, and unclear about her career path? 

Would you like to learn how to go from self-doubt to empowerment? Coré Cotton’s story will inspire you. 

Hear how she leveraged her strengths and passions to ignite her career path and empower other women to do the same. 

Check it out here: https://youtu.be/UVht7_lLjIE, so you can also empower yourself to rise in your leadership path. 

In the interview, Core` shared that women rise to a higher level of leadership less often than their male counterparts. 

Why? What can women do? Where is their power? 

Core` shared her life work of finding that power. By owning the integration of her strengths and passions she created a transformational journey for herself and others. 

Coré Cotton is an associate general counsel, a Grammy-winning performing artist, and a certified life coach.

She has made proprietary programs like “The Elite Career Accelerator” and “The Empowered Woman’s Masterclass.” These programs are focused on career and personal empowerment. 

I was inspired by her message that “We are not powerless. We have incredible strengths that are transferable. Know yourself. Step into your power and change the trajectory of not only your career but also your life.” 

You may also get inspired. You may also like my special at the end, an inspiring story and thought-provoking question that will enhance your job satisfaction, whatever job you do. 

 Core` also shared a gift from one of her programs; “Ten Things You Can Do Today to Accelerate Your Career Trajectory.” You can download it for free at https://bit.ly/CoreGift

Did you watch the video yet? Click here https://youtu.be/UVht7_lLjIE to view now and learn how to empower yourself and rise to your potential. 

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