(Video) Self-care for Mom without Feeling Guilty; Three Powerful Tools

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Do you know of a mother who feels guilty for taking care of herself? Not only mothers, but many caring parents, teachers, and people in the role of caring for others feel guilty about self-care for mom. Maybe you are one of them.

You may feel that taking time for yourself will take time away from taking care of people you care for and love. Yet if you don’t, you won’t be able to continue to care for them. 

Would you like to learn three powerful tools that can help you to take care of yourself without feeling guilty?

I shared three powerful tools in this special program I did over mother’s day weekend. It was broadcasted as episode # 9 of “Healthy and Happy Mind with Dr. Rozina.”  

I am sharing the recording with you so you can also learn to take care of your self and improve your ability to take care of others. 


Click the link to watch the video: https://youtu.be/CJXE0zyL1iI

 In this video, you will get answers to questions like:

  •  What is self-care, and why is self-care for mom important?
  • Why mothers feel guilty about self-care?
  • How can mothers balance self-care with others’ care? 
  • Three powerful tools for reflection that can make a happy mom and a happy family. 

 And one of my specials at the end of the program.

You can also text “Joyful” to the number 38470 for the resources shared in this program and reminder texts for the future programs (so you don’t miss them).

Did you watch the video yet? Click here to view now and learn about self-care for mom without feeling guilty. https://youtu.be/CJXE0zyL1iI

Please let me know how you are creating a balance between self-care and care for others in your life. Did you get an aha moment after listening to this program? Your feedback gives me pleasure and motivation to continue. 

And as you know, my mission is to bring health and happiness to more than a million people. If you think this program can help someone, please share it and join in the mission of transforming stress, preventing depression, and spreading health and happiness. 


Dedicated to your health and happiness, 

Dr. Rozina

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I am looking forward to connecting with you soon.

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