(Video) How to Stop smoking in the face of COVID 19

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Do you know someone who would like to stop smoking in the face of the COVID 19 and become stronger? 

One way to decrease the chances of deadly consequences of any infection is by strengthening your immune system. If you have been smoking, stopping it is your best strategy to improve your immunity and lung capacity. Not only will it help protect you against respiratory infections but also heart diseases, depression, and many other health problems.  

Even if you have not been able to stop smoking in the past, you can do it now and improve your health, relationships, and mental capacity. 

Would you like to learn how to quit smoking? 

I shared some of the powerful tools that can help you stop smoking and regain your health in this broadcast; episode # 3 of “Healthy and Happy Mind with Dr. Rozina.” 

I share the recording with you so you or someone you know can also become stronger, healthier, and happier by quitting smoking. 


Click the link to watch the video: https://youtu.be/8irqMxDI_sA

In this video, you will get answers to questions like:

  • Why stop smoking now when the stress of COVID is high? 
  • What are the misconceptions about smoking and weight gain? 
  • How to stop smoking even if you have failed to stop in the past?

 You can also text “Joyful” to the number 38470 for the resources shared in this program and reminder texts for the future programs (so you don’t miss them).

Did you watch the video yet? Click here to view now and learn how and why to stop smoking: https://youtu.be/8irqMxDI_sA

Please let me know what helps you and what questions you would like me to address in future programs. Your comments and encouragements give me the motivation to continue. 

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Who knows how many people we can help together. I am grateful to you in advance for joining me in the mission of transforming stress, preventing depression, and spreading health and happiness. 

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I am looking forward to connecting with you soon. 


Dedicated to your health and happiness, 

Dr. Rozina


P.S: Stress is one significant factor that makes it hard for people to stop smoking. If you have not read it yet, get your copy of “Stress to Joy; your toolkit to restore peace of mind in minutes” by clicking here. https://www.stresstojoy.com/

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