Thank you for Your Acts of Kindness

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How to see Positive in Negative experiences and acts of kindness.

Have you ever done something kind for a stranger and then wondered how it affected them?

You may not have had a chance to see that person again so it remained a mystery.
Well, you may get your answer as you read my feeling story below. You will feel the inner satisfaction you felt at that time again. And you will know that no matter where that person is and how simple your act of kindness was, your positive energy touched them in some way. You made a difference in someone’s life. If you like to know, read on.

Recently I was on the receiving end of kindness from strangers. What happened was that on my drive back from work, I got into a car accident. I was shaken and overwhelmed. I didn’t know what to do for a few seconds and then pulled the phone to dial 911.

The driver behind me parked his car and came to check on me. He asked me how I was doing? He offered to stay with me until the police arrived. I said yes. It gave me support. I am grateful to him.

Then the medic came. He was asking if I am hurting somewhere in acts of kindness. I told him that nothing seems to be broken although I feel shaken and sore. I was tearing. He consoled me by saying, it’s normal. You will be ok. I am thankful to him.

Then the police officer came. He asked me to walk to ensure that I was ok. I was emotional and shaking. He asked me to take deep breaths. While crying, I also smiled in my heart as he instructed me to do the same breathing exercise I take people thru every day.

Take a deep breath in for the count of 4, hold for 4 and breathe out for 4.
( Even if you are a master- sometimes you need someone else to walk you thru)

I told him I was feeling cold as it was raining lightly and it was cold and dark. He asked me to wait until he brings his car behind my car before I sit inside so no one else can hit me while I wait. He showed kindness ( even though there is stereotyping that police are not kind). I am grateful to him and all the police officers.

These people were total strangers to me but they showed me kindness and that helped me feel better.

My family supported me. And my husband came right away. My insurance supported me and took care of the damages. My chiropractor supported me. I am recovering.

I am grateful to all as they helped me experience the positives in the negative. Also I have no way of saying thank you to the strangers that helped me. So I want to publicly acknowledge them.

On behalf of all whom you may have shown kindness in the past, I want to say Thank you. Those people may not have had the chance to say thank you to you directly, but know that you made a difference in their lives.

Continue simple acts of kindness and you will spread positivity for yourself and others.

Dedicated to your health and happiness

Dr. Rozina
#1 Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Psychiatrist


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