(Video) Strategies to Cope with Grief and Depression; Interview with Jill Babiarz

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Do you know someone who has lost a loved one and is going through grief and depression?

There is such a strong connection between grief and depression. They can be both experienced by anybody and it has to go through into different phases so that it can be properly handled mentally. 

Would you like to learn how to learn practical tools and how to cope with the feeling of loss and sadness? Then watch this video.

In this program, our guest, Jill Babiarz discussed how to overcome grief and depression pain by listening to your body, moving, and creating the right support team.

Jill is a yoga practitioner of 20 years who specializes in helping people heal their pain, especially their back, shoulder, and neck pain through her private sessions and online sessions. She takes a very gentle therapeutic approach to help people unravel their back pain and get their life back again.

Check out this video to discover how to Cope with Grief and Depression.

00:00 min – Introduction

02:10 min – Jill’s personal experience of depression

03:26 min – Relationship between grief and trauma

04:43 min – Experiencing the phase of grief 

06:00 min – Practical tips to cope with grief and depression

06:07 min – Tip#1: Listen to your body

19:29 min – Tip#2: Move

23:02 min – Tip#3: Create a support team

26:32 min – To connect with Jill, you may check her website https://healingwithjill.com

27:35 min – Special of the day: When to use medication during depression

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So let me share some of my favorite lines from this interview:

“You should really honor yourself and where you’re at and find the people that you connect with, the movements that you connect with, the therapist that you connect with because they’re out there. So trust that they are out there, you may have to go through some right, but that trust that the people are there to help is available and that you don’t have to continue to suffer no matter what traumas or grief depression levels you’ve been in, you can get it. You can get to the other side in life can be pretty amazing again”
-Jill Babiarz

“When I was going through the severe depression and having the suicidal thoughts, it is dangerous to be with your thoughts, right? It’s not. I couldn’t meditate and I’ve been meditating my whole life. And so having to listen to that wisdom and not doing that, you know, and knowing that so what is coming to mind to me is to listen to what you need. So when you have all these people doing condolences that you are able to find a therapist you can trust, you can find a support group you can trust, you find a place that you can go and the boundaries also of like not being around all of the people, maybe that are doing the condolence thing for a very long amount of time so that your energy is is preserved because that can be really draining and exhausting.”
-Jill Babiarz

“You need to realize that the more you stay stuck, it will stay within your body so you want to let it go. So any kind of movement, any kind of breathing exercises would help you let go of that grief and allow you to move on.’”
-Dr. Rozina

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Remember, depression is the most difficult stage of grief. You have the power to help yourself to overcome it by listening to your mind, moving your body and joining a support group. Be kind to yourself and enjoy the process of achieving your positive changes. 

Dedicated to your health and happiness, 

Dr. Rozina

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