(Video-Interview): How To Increase Your Mental Sharpness and Prevent Brain Fog and Fatigue – Interview with Dr. Vesna Skul

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Do you ever feel that you could be more successful, if you could improve your focus, memory and mental sharpness?

Research suggests that one in seven adults between the ages 18 to 39, and one in four adults older than 39, will experience some short-term memory loss.

Many people struggle with Brain fog or “mental fatigue”, which can be caused by a long range of lifestyle problems such as lack of sleep, stress, and diet. It can also be caused by hormonal imbalances, chronic infections, and prescription medications. Whatever is causing this problem, you can always work your way towards health by making sustainable lifestyle changes and taking a whole-body approach.

If you want to learn natural ways on how to improve your memory and concentration and prevent brain fog and fatigue, especially during this pandemic season, then this program will help you.

In this episode of ‘Happy and Healthy Mind with Dr. Rozina,’ our guest, Dr. Vesna Skul discussed brain health and shared how positive lifestyle changes can help increase our mental sharpness and improve our ability to focus on everyday tasks.

Dr. Vesna Skul has over 39 years of experience in the medical field. She is a founding partner and the Medical Director of the Comprehensive Center for Women’s Medicine, a multispecialty holistic medical practice for women in Chicago. Dr. Vesna speaks on a wide range of topics under lifestyle medicine, menopause management, and the integration of alternative and complementary medicine into mainstream medical practice.

Would you like to learn some tips and gain insights on how to increase your mental sharpness and avoid brain fog?

In this interview, you will learn:

0:00 min – Introduction

3:45 min – Integrative approach for mental focus and sharpness

5:45 min – From stress to mental clarity

12:16 min – Tests to discover the cause of brain fog

14:28 min – Practical ways to avoid brain fog

29:50 min – Harmful effects of an unhealthy lifestyle on brain health

30:50 min – Positive effects of healthy lifestyle on brain health

32:14 min – Special of the Day: Mind Hack for Memory

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So, did you watch the video yet? Click here to view it now: http://bit.ly/HHM39VS

Let me know which of Dr. Vesna’s suggestions you already follow and which ones would you like to implement in your life going forward to become more mentally fit and alert especially during these challenging times.

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By doing so, you will share the mission of promoting mental fitness and spreading joy and happiness to everyone around you.

Remember, each day is a new day. Strive to be at least 1% better each day and seize every opportunity to live your best life.

Dedicated to your health and happiness,

Dr. Rozina

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