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What is your Meaningful Way to Celebrate Thanksgiving?

A few years back, during the month of November, some friends were gathered to plan their Thanksgiving party. While discussing food and activities, Jerry, one of the friends, asked: “Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving anyway?” Jim prompted spontaneously: “To eat turkey with friends and family. What else?” John questioned; “Is that it?” Selina jumped in;…

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how to manage stress
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Introduction – Why Choose Stress to Joy™?

Stress to Joy™ – Sneak Peek “Stress to Joy™ – Your Toolkit for Peace of Mind in Minutes”  is set to come out March 21st! As a special “thank you” for reading my blog, I am going to post some of the content you will find in my book. Check back frequently to see what…

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Stop Worrying
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How to Train your Brain to Stop Worrying

How to Train your Brain to Stop Worrying Many people are habitual worriers; they just can’t stop worrying. Are you a worry wart too? Do you worry about specific things or do you worry about anything and everything? Even if there is nothing to worry about, do you worry, “Why don’t I have anything to…

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Unveiling The Book Cover

How do you choose a book?  Do you ever judge a book by it’s cover?  We all do. When I was sharing my thoughts about the book cover concept, a friend commented, “I did not realize how much thinking goes behind a book cover.” So I thought I would share some of the thoughts that…

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Know Five Signs of Depression and Save Lives

Do you ever get suspicious if someone says that they are suffering from depression? Does it make you feel that it is just an excuse from taking responsibility for their behavior? You are not alone. Most people who have never experienced clinical depression have a hard time understanding the behaviors of a depressed person. How…

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