How to Relieve Stress of Working from Home Without Losing Your Sanity

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Are you facing the stress of working from home during the Corona Virus Pandemic? 

In this interview with the American Institute of Stress ( Stress.org), I shared many simple and practical tools that you can use to relieve the stress of working from home without losing your sanity. 

Click here to watch the video: https://youtu.be/fLJ7ev04d1M

By watching this video, you will learn about some practical steps you can take immediately and relieve your stress. 

You will find answers to questions like;

  • Why is it stressful when you have to adjust to working from home suddenly?
  • How do you relieve this stress of working from home, especially when both partners have to work from home? 
  • How to stay sane working from home by creating boundaries between work and personal life?

And many more.

If you practice these techniques, you will be able to maintain your sanity, improve relationships, and use this working from home as an opportunity to learn new skills. 

Click here to watch  https://youtu.be/fLJ7ev04d1M

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For more information about other stress management tools by the American Institute of stress, visit https://www.stress.org/transforming-stress-to-joy

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Dr. Rozina


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