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Have you ever had a feeling like everything seems out of your control? Do you tend to allow the circumstances around you to rob you of your ability to direct your life and make conscious choices?

Recently, a patient told me that she felt so overwhelmed that nothing was going according to her plans. In her mind, it seemed as if Covid had put an end to her dreams. Her schooling, work, and social activities were all put on hold, and she was feeling a victim of her circumstances.

So I shared a technique that can help turn the helpless victim mentality to an empowered victor mentality. Would you like to learn? Then watch this video:

So if you’re in a situation like my patient, and you feel like nothing is in your control, this simple mind-training exercise can help you.

In every small thing that you do, start by saying, “I choose to…”

“I choose to drink water now.”

“I choose to get out of bed now.”

“I choose to take a bath now.”

“I choose to be kind today.”

If you start telling yourself that you choose to do this thing, you condition your mind that some things are in your power. It replaces the feeling of helplessness with confidence and a sense of some control.

Doing this will help you come out of that feeling of stuck helplessness and achieve balance in your life. Moreover, it allows you to start thinking and processing how you can change your obstacles to opportunities and think outside the box.

So go ahead and try that, start using choice statements and see how it changes your inner feeling from a helpless victim to an empowered victor.

How did this technique help you?

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Our life circumstances can either make us or break us depending on the choices that we make. For every problem, we can choose to become bitter or better. For every struggle, we can choose to give up or persevere.

Remember, if you want a different result, you’ve got to make a different choice. You can do it. 

Dedicated to your health and happiness, 

Dr. Rozina

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