Telehealth- VideoVisits; How to see your doctor without leaving home during COVID19

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Are you feeling overwhelmed with the COVID19 stay home order?

You may already know the technology well, but don’t stop reading! I am sharing more information at the end of this email that might help you. 

In case, you are someone who has not used the technology to see your doctor, your friends or to attend an online class before, this video may help.  

Due to #Coronavirus precautions, many of my patients are not able to leave their homes even for doctor’s appointments. Therefore we provide Telehealth- Video Visits. 

Some of my patients were asking questions like:

  • What is a telehealth-video visit?
  • Is it difficult? Is it private?
  • Do insurance companies pay for it?
  • Can I use my phone? Can I talk from anywhere?
  • How will I get my medications?

Therefore, I recorded this interview to answer these questions, simplify the process and clear away the mystery of Telehealth. 

I am sharing in case you are in a similar situation. 

Click here to watch the video: https://youtu.be/RC77YXVhkS0

If you have any other questions, you can find more information at https://shifahealth.org/telehealth

My colleagues at Shifa Health and I have opened up additional Video visits to meet the increased mental health care needs during these stressful times. Even if you are not a current patient, you can schedule an appointment for help with smoking cessation, treatment for stress, anxiety, depression and other mental illnesses.  

Dedicated to your health and Happiness, 

Dr. Rozina

PS: I have started doing Facebook Live weekly to bring you more information during these difficult times. Visits @DrRozinaL for these videos and join the Q ad A sessions to get your questions answered. 

Our next Facebook live is dedicated to our health care heroes. 

If you are a healthcare professional please join me for this special Facebook Live episode on stress management for health professionals on Saturday 4/4/2020 at 11 am PT. 

Click below to secure your spot and set a reminder.

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