Rediscovering Yourself; Is It Too Late to Go Back to School. Interview with Gill Hasson

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Are you a parent trying to find your purpose after your children grow up? 

Many parents, especially women, take time from their careers when their kids are young. As the children grow older and don’t need as much of their time, they wonder if it is too late to go back to school. They have the desire, but they lack the courage to explore and realize their potential.

You can achieve more than you currently think is possible!

Would you like to learn steps to overcome your self-limiting beliefs and realize your potential at any age by advancing your education?

In this episode of ‘Happy and Healthy Mind with Dr. Rozina,’ our guest, Gill Hasson shared some practical steps that helped her and many of her mature students returning to school later in life. She also shared other tools for building one’s self-confidence.

Gill Hasson has written more than 25 books on the subject of wellbeing for adults and children; books on emotional intelligence, resilience, assertiveness, happiness, overcoming anxiety.  She also delivers teaching and training for education organizations, voluntary and business organizations, and the public sector. Gill’s particular interest and motivation are in helping people to realize their potential; to live their best life!

Watch this video so you can be inspired to take on and discover other great opportunities available for you at this exciting stage of life.

In this interview, you will learn:

0:00 min – Introduction

04:16 min – Overcoming Limiting Beliefs (Gill’s story of her life before going back to school at a mature age)

09:53 min – Choosing courage and taking the leap (How Gill realized her true potential)

8 Top Tips for Realizing Your Potential

16:31 min – Know What Confidence Is

17:48 min – Identify and remind yourself of your strengths

21:26 min – Have a clear goal

24:25 min – Take a step-by-step approach 

26:41 min – Draw on your courage

28:16 min – Avoid the comparison trap 

29:49 min – Spend time with positive people

32:11 min – Think Positively

36:55 min – FREE Resource download: “8 Top Tips PDF”

38:14 min- Special of the day: Grateful Achievement

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Remember, Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. Therefore, we call it Present.

Every day is a gift, a new opportunity to make a new difference in your life and in other people’s life. So keep improving and keep progressing towards your best potential.

Dedicated to your health and happiness, 

Dr. Rozina

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