(Video) Cultivating Unconditional Self-Worth and Confidence; Interview with Victoria Baylor

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Do you ever struggle with self-confidence? 

Many people do, especially women. It affects their mental health and their ability to perform and be successful in many areas of their lives. 

If you are interested to learn some tips for building confidence by improving your self-worth and having a growth mindset, then this episode might help you.

In this program, our guest, Victoria Baylor will share some practical tips for solving confidence issues by discovering your true identity and cultivating unconditional self-worth.

Victoria is a certified mindset and clarity coach. She’s a TEDx speaker, podcast host, and a number one Amazon best-selling author whose holistic approach to coaching, speaking, and writing helps others accelerate their growth and push past their limitations.

Check out this video so you can overcome barriers to your growth, maximize your potentials, and be more confident in achieving your goals.

In this interview, you will learn:

00:00 min – Introduction

1:51 min – Dealing with confidence issues (Victoria’s story)

3:28 min – Problems of having low self-confidence

6:44 min – Understanding the root of confidence issues (How Victoria helped other women regain confidence)

Tips for Cultivating Unconditional Self-Worth and Confidence

10:04 min: Understand the true meaning of confidence

11:06 min: Know your strengths and weaknesses

13:50 min Let go of perfectionism

17:41min Celebrate your wins

27:11 min: Negative effects of having low self-confidence

29:17 min: Positive effects of developing self-confidence

31:16 min – To connect with Victoria and download her gift, you may visit her website at: https://www.victoriabaylor.com/

33:15 min – Special of the day: How To Stay Positive During Difficult Times

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So let me share some of my favorite lines from this interview:

“When it comes down to showing up strong in this world, it really does come down to the value that you provide, and that value is tied up in your strength. Whatever you’re strong in, someone else is challenged in that area. If we could get focused on what we do that is unique to us, that is a great way to actually build our confidence and our capabilities.” – Victoria Baylor

“You need to come up with your own way of appreciating your small successes. Because what I see is that people think about big successes and they wait for big successes to celebrate and they disregard the smaller success. Come up with your own ways of celebrating small wins.” – Dr. Rozina

“Validating yourself is so important, and I love to talk about celebrating yourself because I want women to get really creative because the things we do speak to us so much on a subconscious level. So it’s not even just the actuality of doing the thing or the deed, but it really is about what is the message you’re constantly saying back to yourself”- Victoria Baylor

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Dedicated to your health and happiness, 

Dr. Rozina

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