Boost Your Gratitude and Self Esteem With This Powerful Technique; Grateful Achievement

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Do you ever feel that you are not good enough to be successful?

Some people have trouble envisioning success when they are going through a difficult time. For instance, one person asked me “How can I be confident and affirm that I have the best job possible when I am receiving only rejections?”

One of the reasons why people find it hard to feel confident about themselves is that society has a negative connotation associated with self-appreciation. I, myself, grew up in a kind of environment where talking about one’s achievements is regarded as negative.

Research shows that feelings of gratitude and feelings of confidence are directly related. The more you feel grateful especially for the thing you have achieved in the past, the more you see your own capability to succeed in future.

Would you like to learn a powerful technique that could help you be more aware of your strengths and help enhance your confidence by celebrating them?

Then watch this video:

In this weekly special, I shared a simple gratitude practice called “Grateful Achievement” that can help you boost your self-esteem.

Every achievement, whether big or small is to be acknowledged with gratitude. By celebrating your wins in life, you will feel more confident and motivated to pursue your goals. It will help you break down the barriers that hinder you from achieving success.

Make your list today and feel more grateful and positive.

Let me know how it goes for you.  If you find it helpful, share it with people you care about. 

By sharing, you will participate in the mission of promoting joy and happiness.

Remember, you have what it takes to achieve all your dreams. Each day is a fresh opportunity to take a step closer to becoming the person you are created to be.

So keep improving even just one percent each day. Make it a goal to become a better person today than you were yesterday.

Dedicated to your health and happiness, 

Dr. Rozina

P.S: This technique is one of the several that are part of our 7 day gratitude challenge. These techniques can boost your positivity manyfold. Would you like to get a huge return on your investment of 5 minutes a day in the form of joy and contentment? Then take this 7 day Gratitude Challenge: http://bit.ly/7dayGC2020

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