Are you a compassionate high achiever?

Do you want to achieve more for making bigger impact and income but stress-induced burnout is blocking your way?

Come join me for a Live Q&A!

Dec. 14, 2022 12:00 PM

Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Dr. Rozina Lakhani

In this Live Q&A session, you will learn Three Evidence-Based Methods to:

  • Increase Productivity
  • Improve Energy and Focus
  • Reduce Absent Minded Mistakes
  • Overcome Feelings of Exhaustion
  • Optimize Performance (and Profits)

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What Makes This Webinar So Special?

Learn About Evidence-based Methods

From a Prominent Psychiatrist.

Mind Hacks for Burnout Prevention
Body-Natural Remedies
Evidence-based lifestyle changes

Meet your guide

Hello! I’m Dr. Rozina Lakhani,

Like most compassionate high achievers, I try to do a lot so I can make a bigger impact and income, but stress catches up with me from time to time.

A few years back, my stress increased so much that I started feeling exhausted due to stress-induced burnout. Although I am an MD psychiatrist for 25+ years and should know better, I did not attend to the early signs of burnout until it resulted in a car accident and broken hand. I just compounded my stress further. I was so afraid of losing my health, my career, and all I had worked so hard but especially I was afraid of letting down the people who depended on me.

Now, even though stress continues, I’m able to pull myself out and continue to achieve more, earn more, and impact more people.

How did I do that? It all started with a simple thought shift technique. I have developed a program “Achieve More Without Burnout” where you can learn that exact technique and many more evidence-based strategies.

If you feel that it has to be your time, join me for this informational, free training and Q&A session so you can also make the biggest impact and income in your life without burnout preventing you.

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How this webinar can change your life…

A few years back, a woman who was the chief financial officer of a big organization told me how the pressures of work was affecting her. She was feeling stressed and at the brink of burnout. And when a leader is stressed, the whole team gets stressed.

She was seeing increased absenteeism, increased mistakes of absent-mindedness, hurting her company’s bottom line. She was afraid of losing her job, her respect, and everything in her life.

Now she has bounced back from her burnout, performing at her peak, leading to her own promotions, her team’s productivity, and her company’s profit.

How did she do it? It all started with a simple mind shift technique that I taught her, and she was able to apply that in her busy life without putting too much extra time.

Well, you can learn this and many other techniques like this from my “Achieve More Without Burnout” program that I’ll be teaching in this webinar.