(Video) How to Enjoy Food Despite Living a Gluten Free Lifestyle?

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Do you want to know the benefits of living a gluten free lifestyle?

Sometimes, people struggle with an anti-inflammatory diet because of stomach problems. However, it is really hard to figure out how to eat without having gluten in your diet. 

Would you like to learn practical tips on how to enjoy food despite living a gluten free life?

In this program, our guest, I explained how to live a gluten free diet so you can still have a happy and healthy life. 

Check out this video so you can discover the benefits of living a gluten free diet

In this interview, you will learn:

00:00 min – Introduction

02:30 min – Why Jen is living  a gluten free life 

04:14 min – What is celiac disease

09:36 min – Tools that Jen Fiore to live without eating gluten products

16: 45 min – How to reset your mind so you can enjoy food

24:06 min – Tips for living a gluten free life

25:43 min –  How to connect with Jen

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So let me share some of the key points of this interview:

So let me share some of my favorite lines from this interview:

“Because once you start being happy about what you’re eating, then you’re not really thinking about the things that you’re not having because you’re having a great piece of bread. ”
– Jen Fiore

“If you’re not feeling well and you’re not enjoying your food, your food, fighting your body, your relationship suffers, your work experience suffers.”
– Jen Fiore

“So when I’m treating people with depression and anxiety, I look at gut problems because many times they are contributing to their mental health issues.”

– Dr. Rozina


How about you? What was your biggest takeaway from this interview?

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Remember, a gluten free diet does not mean you have to sacrifice eating delicious foods. In fact, eating without gluten can help improve your overall health. Planning your meals ahead of time makes it easy to shop and prepare gluten-free dishes. 

So today, take time to reflect on your health priorities. A gluten free diet is a lifestyle, not a diet. The food intolerances many people are unaware of can really affect how you feel day-to-day. When you know what to eat and what to avoid, life can be more enjoyable.

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