(Video) Declutter Your Brain By Emptying Your Mental Garbage Bin

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Do you sometimes feel as if your mind is being flooded with so many thoughts and emotions that you become mentally exhausted?

We all have days when we feel overwhelmed and unmotivated; days when we feel like breaking down and letting all our unpleasant emotions loose. If you have that dreadful feeling of giving up rather than fighting, maybe your threshold of stress and toxic emotions has exceeded its limit.

Would you like to learn a simple practice that can help you get rid of your mental garbage so you can stay focused, motivated, happy and healthy?

In this short video special, I discussed how to Declutter Your Brain the right way by Emptying Your Mental Garbage Bin

What is mental clutter and how do they build up in your mind?

Clutter isn’t just found in your physical space like the extra stuff inside your cabinets or in your garage. They can also be found in your head in the form of thoughts, ideas, feelings, emotions, and even the never-ending items on your to-do list.

Mental clutter refers to anything that makes your mind feel full, overwhelmed, pressured, distracted, and stressed out.

What are the common types of mental clutter?

Since our mind is always working and are exposed to different stimuli, it is inevitable for us to develop toxic thoughts. Here are some types of mental clutter that are particularly damaging and could affect our lives negatively:

  • Worry
  • Guilt
  • Regret
  • Negative beliefs about oneself
  • Shoulds: never-ending list of “to-dos”

How to get rid of mental clutter?

I use a technique called Emptying The Mental Garbage Bin to help people manage their overwhelm and work on finding new ways to accomplish their goals.

To learn about this technique, watch this video:

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Remember, you may not be able to prevent the circumstances that increase your mental clutter but there are things you can do to reduce the impact that mental clutter has on you.

Today, take a step towards building a happier and healthier life by taking charge of what you allow to reside in your mind space. Always choose happy thoughts!

Dedicated To Your Health and Happiness,

Dr. Rozina

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