Cultivating Self love ; a interview with Amina Bhaidani

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Are you stuck in any area of your life like personal or business?

Sometimes you get stuck in a relationship and it  doesn’t seem to be moving on in your life.  Cultivating self-love and removing blocks can lead to a whole health and better quality of life. 

Do you want to learn to cultivate self-love and remove blocks from within to be able to tap into your inner greatness and radiate more positivity in your life?

In this program, our guest, Amina Bhaidani discussed how to have a healthy well being by applying empowering self-love  techniques. 

 Amina Bhaidani is a former registered nurse with 20 years experience of working with cancer patients. She went through powerful transformations physically and spiritually which inspired her to become a life coach, certified emotional freedom technique (EFT) teacher, trauma release exercise (TRE) teacher, and yoga and zumba teacher. She is extremely passionate and an advocate for holistic health and healing, spirituality, healthy lifestyle and positive transformation.

Check out this video to discover how to Cultivate Self Love

00:00 min – Introduction

02:42 min – What is self love?

03:23 min – How self love became important to Amina

07:26 min – How self love transformed Amina’s life

08:26 min – Effects of self love to Amina’s life

06:42 min – What is emotional freedom technique?

19:08 min – Steps on mirror technique

22:24 min – The tapping technique

31:33 min – To connect with Amina, you may check her website Amina Bhaidani

27:56 min – Special of the day: 3 steps in therapy

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So let me share some of my favorite lines from this interview:

“Self-love is the foundation of every relationship, every aspect of your life, whether it is material or spiritual.” – Amina Bhaidani

“I failed to see the positives. How far I’ve come along. What should I do? And it was not even a part of my life. Everything negative was part of my life, and that’s when I started looking into how I can change this and what do I need to change? When I looked into that, I was like, oh, the answer is me. Let me start with myself. I cannot be changing everybody else in the world or people around me. What about let me see what I can do within myself? So that’s when I started doing things differently.”  – Amina Bhaidani

“Just remember only two things. Let’s just talk about positive things to ourselves. Let’s take that to us and give ourselves a boost, a positive reinforcement and say good things to ourselves and do a pat on the back. Give yourself a high five every morning.  The second thing is start loving and accepting yourself for who and what you are rather than getting indulged into the media.  Let’s see ourselves beyond the skin, beyond this color and the meat, the soul that we have, what we all have, what we all deserve, the happiness is  there, it’s here. We just have to experience it, feel it. – Amina Bhaidani

“When I have that love, when my cup is full. Only then I’m able to give you some from my cup. If my cup is empty, I cannot give you anything.” – Amina Bhaidani

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Remember, people who love themselves are less likely to suffer from anxiety or depression. Self-love also facilitates a positive mindset, an essential ingredient for success in life and mental wellbeing. By loving yourself you can also reduce stress, reduce procrastination, and become more effective.

Dedicated to your health and happiness, 

Dr. Rozina

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