(Video-Interview):Life’s sucker punches; Interview with Mary Fran Botempo & Kristin Smedley

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Do you know someone who is tired dealing with life’s obstacles?

Sometimes, life can be too overwhelming. It is filled with many ups and downs that test your character. 

Would you like to learn the  tools and strategies to help you cultivate resilience and release your brilliance so you can get through the crisis beyond and thrive? 

In this program, our guests, Mary Fran and Kristin Smedley discussed how to strive and thrive as they deal with their life’s challenges. 

Mary Fran Bontempo and Kristin Smedley are Resilience experts, TEDx speakers, best-selling authors, media hosts and co-founders of Brilliantly Resilient. As a young mother, Kristin found herself raising two blind sons; Mary Fran navigated her son’s crushing heroin addiction. With few resources, they were determined to survive and thrive. They founded Brilliantly Resilient to teach others to come through challenges, reset with resilience, rise and reveal the brilliance within us all. 

Check out this video to discover how to empower yourself through resilience.

In this interview, you will learn:

00:00 min – Introduction

03:04 min – A sucker punch to Mary Fran’s life

06:06 min –  Kristin’s life-changing sucker punch

10:56 min – How Mary Fran and Kristin find joy after circumstances 

13:05 min – Practical tools to overcome the difficulties of life 

16:04 min – Tip#1: Resetting with resilience

16:14 min – Tip#2: Check your value system

16:41 min – Tip#3: Control the controllables 

17:27 min – I can circle

28:08 min – To connect with Mary Fran and Krsitin, you may check their  website https://www.brilliantlyresilient.net

29:48 min – Special of the day:  Stages of grief

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So let me share some of my favorite lines from this interview:

“I think both of us may have come to the realization that what was in our control was nothing, and therefore we had to go out and find other people. The only thing that we could control was that we both had a skill set. This is where you kind of rely on your skill set. We both are teachers by education, and we both realized we have no idea. So then we realized that we had to build a tribe. So that’s when you kind of rely on your skill set and go.”
-Mary Fran Botempo

“When people focus on all the things that are not in their control, all their energy is sucked away, and then there’s no energy left to focus on things that are in your control.”
-Dr. Rozina

“You cannot be married to outcomes, do not be married to an outcome that when you initiate an action step, you think, you know, x y z is going to happen. And if it doesn’t you’re just going to fall apart again. So, initiate an action step, but be prepared to evolve and be flexible with the situation.’”
-Mary Fran Botempo

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Remember, life’s challenges are part of your lives. Resilience gives you the strength to overcome hardship. Take on the journey and you will surely become a better version of yourself.

So before you do any task today, choose to spread your brilliance. Treat every experience as a way to unfold the wonders that you can do as a person. 

Dedicated to your health and happiness, 

Dr. Rozina

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