(Video) ​​Overcoming Barriers To Female Leadership; Strategies for Building Resilience with Bernadette Bruckner

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Do you feel like there are a lot of barriers for women to come to leadership positions?

It is encouraging to see efforts being made to attain gender equality in the workplace. However, professional women still face barriers to being recognized as leaders.

Is there anything we can do to overcome stereotypes and rise from the setbacks we face on our journey? The answer is YES!

If you are interested in learning how to build resilience in all aspects of life so you can overcome the barriers to becoming a woman leader, then this program might help you.

In this episode, our guest, Bernadette Bruckner talked about Overcoming Barriers to Female Leadership by sharing effective strategies for Building Resilience

Bernadette is an award-winning author and is currently taking up her Ph.D. in Health Framing. She is an internationally active holistic trainer in health, nutrition, and mental health with exceptional holistic resilience methods.

Check out this video to learn practical tips for overcoming challenges as a woman leader and discovering your limitless potential to make your dreams a reality.

In this interview, you will learn:

00:00 min – Introduction

02:13 min – Building resilience (Why Bernadette became interested in health framing) 

03:38 min – Overcoming limiting beliefs and rising above the circumstances to eradicate the stigma that society puts in women (Bernadette’s story)

06:28 min – Discovering growth and challenges of going outside your comfort zone

10:23 min – Benefits of thought framing (How Bernadette went from “burnout” to “happy”)

How To Build Resilience and Overcome Challenges as a Woman Leader

10:26 min Tip#1: Be open to understanding other people’s perspective on things 

12:54 min Tip#2: Understand the concept of health framing

15:20 min Tip#3: Challenge yourself to do something out of your comfort zone

18:25 min Tip#4: Create your own bucket list

24:04 min Tip#5: Overcome fear by getting support and giving support to other women

29:18 min – To connect with Bernadette, you may visit her website at: https://insideoutcommunications.academy/

30:05 min – Special of the day: Overcoming The Mental Health Stigma; Taking A Break To Care For Your Mind

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So let me share some of my favorite lines from this interview:

“You are not alone. We are all together on the same planet and nurturing each other on our level. No one is better or less. We are all making our journeys, and this journey is so unique. And if you want to be a female leader, stand up. – Bernadette Bruckner

“Ladies stand up and be simply you. The world needs women to stand up, because women nurture differently. ​​I truly believe when we (men and women) both go into leadership and work with each other together on eye level, the world will only rise.”
Bernadette Bruckner

“Challenge is a chance to learn. Stress could be a source for suffering or an opportunity for growth based on how you take it.” – Dr. Rozina

“You can take your mental health day to get your mind health to optimum level so you can perform at your best and achieve your highest potential without burnout and suffering.” – Dr. Rozina


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Remember, there are always going to be barriers and obstacles in your life. It is your choice to either face them with resilience or break down and simply give up.

Strive to be at least 1% better each day so you can build your ability to deal with whatever challenge comes your way.

Dedicated to your health and happiness, 

Dr. Rozina

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