(Video-Interview): Ditch The Diet: How To Eat Without Guilt and Gain Body Confidence with Anne Poirier

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Do you obsess about how life would be if you just lost weight or had a perfect body?

Most women have difficulty accepting their bodies, but they also struggle to exercise and follow a strict diet.

Would you like to learn how to enjoy the pleasure of eating without guilt and learn a faultless, sustainable system for living while enjoying your best life? Then read on.

In this program, our guest, Anne Poirier discussed how you gain body confidence without restricting your diet.

Having overcome her own eating, food, weight, and body image challenges and drawing upon close to 4 decades of experience, Anne Poirier put pen to paper and wrote the book ‘The Body Joyful- My journey from self-loathing to self-acceptance’ to share her highly personal and life-changing journey. She is the leader of the Body Joyful Revolution Community, certified eating disorder specialist, and intuitive eating counselor.

Check out this video to discover how to Ditch the Diet and Gain Body Confidence

In this interview, you will learn:

00:00 min – Introduction

02:10 min – Struggling with body image issues (Anne’s story)

03:54 min – Negative effects of struggling with body image

05:04 min – The life-changing impact of ditching your diet

06:07 min – Practical tips for achieving food freedom and gaining body confidence

06:23 min – Tip#1: Shift your mindset and self-talk

07:04 min – Tip#2: Become intuitive about your needs

08:14 min – Tip#3: Joyful movement

09:36 min – Tip#4: Appreciate and accept your body

13:40 min – Tip#5: Practice self-care

15:00 min – ABC Technique for stress management

22:40 min – Journaling technique – Self-dialogue

24:02 min – The Body Joyful (Anne Poirier’s new book)

27:38 min – To connect with Anne, you may check her website https://shapingperspectives.com

27:56 min – Special of the day: How to use Inositol for anxiety

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So let me share some of my favorite lines from this interview:

“There’s hope and healing possible, and it’s just making a decision and knowing that you have choices to do that. There are ways, many, many ways, lots of ways to step out of where you are struggling right now to feel more joy and feel better in your body.”
-Anne Poirier

“I am a psychiatrist and I see a lot of people with depression and anxiety, but a lot of people I also see are injured workers. And so when they come, their focus is their pain; their part of the body that is not working. You know, somebody’s back, is injured and they are wheelchair-bound or their fingers are cut, or significant deficit, and their whole focus goes on what is the deficiency or what part of the body they are feeling the pain and they can’t focus on anything else. So when I’m at the end of my appointment, I asked them to tell me three things they’re most grateful for, and most of the time they would identify external things, but they could not find positives about their body. And so I help them.”
– Dr. Rozina

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Remember, your weight does not define your worth. Don’t miss out on life just because you’re too concerned about how you look or what other people will say about you.

If you learn to accept your body and treat yourself as a wonderful creation, then you can enjoy a happier and healthier life.

Dedicated to your health and happiness, 

Dr. Rozina

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