(Video-Interview): How to Prevent Physician Burnout; Steps to Overcome the Process of Burnout with Dr. Sapna

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Are you feeling burnt out as a health professional?

Sometimes, it is difficult to bounce back and avoid burnout in the healthcare industry. As a healthcare professional, you use so much energy to make others feel better but you end up feeling exhausted due to addressing the needs of others. 

Would you like to learn how to save yourself from burnout while you are in the healthcare industry?

In this episode, our guest Dr. Sapna Sha-Haque shared the secrets to renewing yourself after experiencing burnout. 

Dr. Sapna Shah-Haque, MD MBA is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician. She was born and raised in Kansas and attended medical school at the University of Kansas [KU] School of Medicine, where she also completed her residency. After experiencing burnout herself, and watching other physician colleagues burn out, it became her passion to look into different aspects of burnout.

Check out this video to learn how to live your life again despite the many troubles and challenges that you have to go through.

In this interview, you will learn:

00:00 min – Introduction

02:11 min  -Dr. Sapna’s experience  (challenges that she had to go through) 

07:09 min – How did Dr. Sapna’s life change 

08:52 min – Tools that help Dr. Sapna to go through with her life. 

  • Calm down
  • Be kind to yourself
  • Process whatever happened
  • Knowing thy self-worth
  • Layout the steps for the transition
  • Define the steps to make the changes

17:58 min – Factors that made Dr. Sapna not quit Medicine

19:34 min – How Dr. Sapna overcome burnout

22:18 min – Tips to prevent physician’s burnout

24:08 min – Connect with Dr. Sapna (theworthyphysician.com)

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So let me share some of my favorite lines from this interview:

Think the first thing that helped me was knowing my self-worth, right? Knowing my self-worth. And I don’t mean that in an arrogant way at all, right? I’m a human being. I’m replaceable just like anybody else. But at the same time, as an as a person, as a physician, I do deserve a job environment, a career environment where I can be myself, where I can be quirky, and I am allowed to be a physician, not just a robot.” 

– Dr. Sapna

So once you realize your self-worth and you realize what can work for you, then you were able to bring other people on board and the life change.
– Dr. Rozina

Know what works for you and what you would or would not do, which will help you define boundaries in your personal and professional life and be okay with applying those. I think that is very, very important.

-Dr. Sapna

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Remember, it’s important to keep a healthy balance between stress management and wellness in order to avoid burnout, especially as a physician. It doesn’t matter when you renew yourself as long as you’re facing the process and finding ways to feel better. 

So today, are you going to let burnout hinders you to maximize your full potential? Or you will use burnout prevention strategies so you can reflect on what you really want in life?

Take your time, there’s no rush.

Always prioritize “YOU” so you can always extend help to others. 

Dedicated to your health and happiness, 

Dr. Rozina

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