(Video-Interview): 12 Nutritional Principles for Optimum Health with Alex Yehorov

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Do you struggle with low energy, frequent mood swings, and inability to sleep?

Good nutrition is important for optimal health and wellness. What you eat directly impacts your appearance, energy level, mood, and even the quality of your sleep. Therefore, it is important to understand the principles of good nutrition so you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and function at your best.

Would you like to discover the 5 poisons to eliminate in your diet and the 7 gifts for a healthy body? Then read on.

In this program, our guest, Alex Yerohov discusses the 12 nutritional principles for optimum health.

Alex Yehorov from biohackbody.com is a Life Coach and a host of The Body Mastery podcast show. His mission is to help you unlock your inner power and help you to master your body, your weight loss, weight maintenance, health, energy, emotions, and beliefs so you can start producing consistent and measurable results while enjoying everything life has to offer without sabotaging your results.

Check out this video to discover the key mindsets for body mastery.

In this interview, you will learn:

00:00 min – Introduction

02:45 min – The positive effects of applying the 12 nutritional principles in our health and wellness

03:43 min – The 12 nutritional principles for optimum health

03:54 min – 7 gifts for a healthy body

15:22 min – 5 poisons to eliminate in your diet

25:50 min – Effects of poor nutrition and unhealthy eating habits on your body and brain

26:32 min – Effects of good nutrition on our overall health

27:38 min – To connect with Alex, you may check his website https://biohackbody.com/

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So let me share some of my favorite lines from this interview:

“If you really want to change your life in whatever area you want, you have to stop just listening and start applying. After you just learn something, go and start. Take small actions. And I promise you, if you’re going to refine those actions, with time you will achieve results that you desired because I believe in you. And I know you deserve those results.”
-Alex Yehorov

“Everything does not work for everybody. So you really want to listen to your body. So like for me, if I start doing fasting, my acidity increases, so it does not work for me to do that kind of fasting. What I do is I eat very little and sometimes I go, but I never skip the meal and I advise people not to skip the meal because that’s how my body works. And my belief system is that you give your body smaller meal, maybe more frequent, then bigger meal, fewer times. And so there are two schools of thought and I want to kind of bring to our audience that for some people, it may work the way you go about it. And for some people, it may work the way I go about it. There’s no right or wrong, but it may be what suits the individual person.
– Dr. Rozina

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Remember, achieving a healthy body starts with making a conscious choice to improve your diet and your lifestyle.

There is no one size fits all formula when it comes to eating habits and achieving optimum health. You’ve got to listen to your body, try out different approaches, and see what works best for you.

Dedicated to your health and happiness, 

Dr. Rozina

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